Nintendo Dominates Software Sales In Japan With 11 Exclusive Games In Top 20 For 2018

Nintendo is completely dominating the software sales in Japan this year with 11 games listed in the Top 20 best selling software of the year so far.

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Geobros126d ago

This is the year of nintendo in japan!

shuvam09126d ago

Every year is...
Even 1-2 Switch sold a mil. there...
Need I say more???

Einhander1971126d ago

Not quite the super famicom glory days, but it’s great to see Nintendo doing so well in there home territory.

DiRtY126d ago

I don't get Japanese gamers.
They don't like any western games no matter how technically superior they are.

badz149126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That is why Nintendo is so low tech yet so successful over there

Madmoose126d ago

Yeah, it's crazy man. It's like they just like what they like and don't care what other people think you know? Crazy times we're in man. Who knows, maybe they are saying the same thing just in reverse? Like maybe they're asking why the Western markets are obsessing over graphics and playing games with C movie level stories that they (may feel) are inferior in the gameplay department. Or some variation of such a narrow, close-minded and self-entitled point of view.

There's nothing to get my friend. They're gamers just like you & I. Even the people in the western markets aren't all agreeing on the same game experiences. It seems like the UK is kind of a "dude bro" kind of Market (considering games like Call of Duty, FIFA, racers etc seem to it take up a lot of real estate on charts there) but we aren't calling them out.

So why is it shocking that given the great distance & obvious cultural differences that their tastes in games & what they look for in them might differ from what you would want? Come on man, game and let game.😉

King_Noctis126d ago

Maybe the Japanese have good taste in gaming and they don’t care about how “technically superior” the graphic looks?

BenjaMan64126d ago

Japanese gaming audiences may care more about how fun and entertaining their devices are, than how "superior" said devices are.

Sirk7x126d ago

Define technically superior please, because most of the games considered to be some of the greatest and influential of all time are/were Japanese developed.

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The 10th Rider126d ago

No surprise. I've said since it was rumored that the "NX" was a hybrid that it would basically garuntee domination of the Japanese market, despite a lot of pessimism due to the Wii U. Xbox is pretty much a joke in Japan and Sony has been moving away from first-party titles aimed at a Japanese audience. With no other new handheld on the horizon and most Japanese third party games being able to run on Switch, I'd say it's only a matter of time before the Switch is pretty much the one console selling enough in Japan to be worth mentioning. The big budget Japanese games, like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil, will still target PS4/Xbox One so they can get those Western sales.