Silent Hill 2 Surprises Fans with New Secrets Even After a Decade Later

Silent Hill 2 dates back to 2001, and while you might think the gaming community has found every secret the game has to offer, think again.

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PrinceVegeta185d ago

Save anywhere would have taken a lot of tension away from the game.

PhoenixUp185d ago

I’m surprised how Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head, one of the most infamous rapists in gaming history, could actually appear in a title like Super Bomberman R along with the Bubble Head Nurse and what they symbolize.

kayoss184d ago

Question, who the hell figured out these button combinations?

jivah184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

They looked at the code and figured it out

THC CELL184d ago

Remake this game like resident evil 2 are doing

JonTheGod184d ago

SH1-4 Remasters on PS4 please.

BlaqMagiq1184d ago

I would love to see those but not if it's a dumpster fire like the last gen collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.