Australian school continues Fortnite ban campaign, also targets Roblox

Last week, we reported that a Sydney based school had warned parents to ban Fortnite. And, that they should not allow their Year 5 students to play due to perceived concerns for children's safety. We learned this thanks to an email that was anonymously forwarded to us. We now have an update.


Admin note: Even when it's in the title, people miss it? This is about a school banning the game, not the country.

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Christopher93d ago

"Australian school" not the country. And a school has every right to ban playing games while at school... Why the heck are people against that? Do you want your kids to go to school and spend time playing Fortnite on their phone rather than listening to their teachers?

PaleMoonDeath94d ago

You'd think they'd have their hands full fighting the Spiders off and stuff, Jesus Australia, Anal must be a popular porn search down under.

Christopher93d ago

It's not the country, it's a school in Australia...

PaleMoonDeath93d ago

Just in general mate, Australia is anal with censorship.

Gh05t94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

"It takes a village to raise a child."

Let me stop you right the F' there.

Back the hell up, you can feel free to let me know about things happening that are of some concern but the second you think you have any type of control over raising my child more than I give you to EDUCATE them WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Parents really need to step up and take back control of raising their children. Of course that means that parents have to actually RAISE their children.

rainslacker93d ago

I think most parents want to raise their children, and I'm sure many of them try to do the best they can.

But you have the stupid ones who don't realize discipline is actually productive if done right, or take the progressive stance of "let the child be" that make enough anecdotal instances where it seems that no one cares anymore. It's that percentage of people that ruin it for the rest of the people.

In the mean time, you have a social structure of governments or interest groups that feel they have to control everything, which use things like this to exert said control, and no one really argues against least not effectively. When the best effort people can muster nowadays is complaining on the internet, I'm not sure what people expect to be done, particularly since there is usually an equal number of people who take the contrary view also stating their case...or worse, derailing the whole topic.The days of rallying to a cause in a public space to get attention are few and far between.

Dan5093d ago

Australia banning games, must be a day that ends in a Y!

Christopher93d ago

It's a school in Australia, not the country.

Hungryalpaca93d ago

You really don’t pay attention do you. The government has banned plenty of games. Just because it’s a school in this instance doesn’t mean the country doesn’t do it. They do.