Is Crimson The Best Exotic Hand Cannon?

Crimson was on sale from Xur recently and that's pushed it all the way up to being ranked #1 in PVP. Prior to this weekend it was still ranked #3 which is pretty damn impressive, but is the surge in use driven by the fact that the weapon was on sale or the fact that it really is the best Exotic Hand Cannon? Let's look at the stats and find out.

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TheDude79146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Overall? I think it belongs in that discussion. In capable hands, it definitely makes a case for itself, I've seen people destroy teams in Crucible. I've also heard people say "it sucks", but when I watch them use it during a stream, I can confirm it's not the gun that sucks lol. The auto-load on precision kills in clutch, and a slight heal on all kills is even better.

Rude-ro146d ago

Yeah.. learning where to start your shots is the hardest part then just putting faith in the recoil vs when to pull the trigger and the flinch it causes.
So it is the handcannon with a bit of learning curve instead of pointing and shooting.

Christopher146d ago

It's always weird for me, I've always found aiming slightly over your opponents head with hand cannons is the way to go for precision hits. I'm guessing it has to do with a combination of auto-aim and hit box extension over the head specific for hand cannons.

I still have trouble typically with doing rapid firing head shots. I'm not that great of a PvPer, so that could be why. I'm not bad, just not great. I've seen people destroy me completely with handcannons like I was standing still the whole game.

Rude-ro146d ago

I am the same @christopher
My aim is the reticle just right and above the head and it sucks!! Because if you are off, it is no hit at all.
The recoil is weird when you get above 150 rpm, it double sets. It first stops higher and to the right, then bounces down to the original aim.

Jimboms146d ago

I agree, and it's the fact that you need to know how to use it that makes it even better because not everyone takes that time

fonduktoe146d ago

I still think it's funny that people play this game. "What am I doing in the middle of the desert?"

Jimboms146d ago

Hey man play it and you'll find out! I'll give you a guide through the main campaign if you want

irishyort145d ago

I still think it's even funnier idiots keep commenting on games they supposedly don't play. Why they bother clicking the link and then adding a comment like they think they have the most revolutionary thing to say that everyone needs to hear is self fluffing at its highest!