7 reasons you should buy a PlayStation 4 instead of the Nintendo Switch

Business Insider list 7 reason why they believe the PS4 is a better and more valuable purchase when compared the Nintendo Switch

"Let's say you have $300 to spend on a video game console for your home. Which should you buy: Sony's PlayStation 4, or the Nintendo Switch?"

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drifter8699d ago

Here's a counter arguments:
1: Playstation has been in the market for 5 years and has 1,800 games. Nintendo Switch has been in market for 1 year and already has 1,200 games. I see this number doubling by year two.
2: Playstation supports 4k. Nintendo Switch only supports 1080P, but you can take it anywhere you want.
3: Both systems have great exclusives. This should not be an argument. Gamers win with either system.
4: Both companies hold sales every week. I see great deals for both systems so this argument is irrelevant.
5: While PS4 offers a variety of streaming services, Nintendo Switch currently only has Hulu. Nintendo might eventually offer Netflix etc, but the goal is not to confuse the consumer with what the Nintendo Switch is. It's a gaming console not a streaming console. There are so many other ways to stream services.
6: PS4 allows you to play music. No argument here.
7: PS4 plays Blu-Ray and DVD. Nintendo is cartridge base. That's apples and oranges.

JimmyDM9099d ago

"4. Both companies hold sales every week. I see great deals for both systems so this argument is irrelevant. "

This argument is hardly irrelevant. There is a steep Nintendo tax when it comes to buying their games. Their full priced games rarely drop below $40 over the course of a system's lifetime where as I can get many of Sony's biggest 2017 hits for under $30. Horizon you can get for $10!

Don't get me started on the outrageous prices Nintendo charges for many year old ports of their games. Tropical Freeze ($60) costs more now than it ever did on Wii U while a top to bottom remake of Shadow of the Colossus was only $40 at release.

combatcash98d ago

Nintendo also charges more $ for their accessories, controls etc.

DemonChicken98d ago

Some extra arguments that I think are relevant.

- no way to backup saves locally unless you pay for their online cloud service. if your console dies, you lose those 100+ hour progress saves. Other consoles let you back up saves locally and not behind a paywall.
- Want content locked behind amiibo, please buy this. Well if it's a well sought amiibo which is high in demand and Nintendo does not supply - hello eBay prices. Other consoles only has dlc which Nintendo also has.
- Has Nintendo fixed that d-pad issue on the pro controller yet? Did they also refuse to a acknowledge the dead pixels? Other consoles do not have this.
- They still make 2 different versions of games in 2018 - see pokemon. Is additional content (mew) also locked behind that expensive accessory? The answer is yes.

Most of the games are also ports of older games (and indies) and in some cases, some newer games are. With so many games, they really should consider making their eShop functions and navigability better. I like how some people have selective memories calling the PS in the early years a port and indie machine yet here we are.

There is also the crossplay situation, again being selective that while I agree that it sucks progress locked behind one PS. But please note that Nintendo likely will charge for the online play for F2P titles whereas sony doesn't.

tl:dr the switch is expensive.

monkey60299d ago

I wish Nintendo did have good sales on their store. The games on there are way more expensive than the competitors. Maybe over time they'll be cheaper again but i doubt it because it's Nintendo

FinalFantasyFanatic99d ago

This is always my problem with Nintendo, I can't really pass on games and pick them up later at a reduced price like I can with Playstation. That's why I still don't have that many 3DS games even though I really like my 3DS and moreso than the PSVita.

Harryvok98d ago

They have had a few decent sales and I’ve grabbed a few games. Sony definitely end up having better specials though.

Kornholic99d ago

Those pro-switch arguments are so weak it hurts. I kinda feel bad for you in a way. At least you tried.

Christopher99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

***Nintendo Switch has been in market for 1 year and already has 1,200 games.***

lol, wut? This is a blatant lie. You do realize that the list on Wikipedia is massively comprised of in development, currently unreleased games that are also going to other platforms or are already on them, right?

***4: Both companies hold sales every week. I see great deals for both systems so this argument is irrelevant.***

Not even close and the 'titles' on sale on Switch are the games people aren't looking for regularly. You're comparing $20 AAA games on PS4 with unheard of Indie games that typically aren't well reviewed by the users on Switch with a few good games thrown in for still more than the price they are on other platforms.

SuperSonic9198d ago

Nintendo loyalists are the most in-denial fan base in the world.
They can't afford to see any fault against N because its a house of cards company now.

bf00077796698d ago

and 95% of them are cheap indie games.

DarkHeroZX99d ago

Wait does switch have that many games.

Christopher98d ago

Not yet. About 900 of those are "in development" and unreleased yet and they are also games going to the other platforms as well.

The 10th Rider98d ago

No, it doesn't have 1200. Christopher is also wrong though and it's not 300 with 900 in development.


The actual number in NA is 846, with 928 total across all regions.

A lot of it is shovelware though.

Davidgr298d ago

How many of those 1,200 Switch games are quality games? Have u seen the amount of weird games they have been adding? Nintendo and third party games are good, but most of the new indie games are complete trash.

DJK1NG_Gaming98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

how many of those 1800 games are quality games.
No system that have more than 700 games will have 1/3 of it being quality,

But comparing the first year and half of both Switch and PS4. the Switch wins because the early years of PS4 games are no where near as good as 2017-2018

Smokingunz98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Great piece dude and you're right. N4g is just stirring the fanboys pots,just fishing for news, nothing to see here folks.

Army_of_Darkness98d ago

Switch has 1200 games?! Hmmm.. Why do I feel like as if I could count all the more known ones with a single hand?! Lol!

Kosic98d ago

If I were to suggest a console to someone it'll be the ps4 first. The switch is a great console but it's usually one you have on the side paired with either a gaming pc, Xbox one s/X or the ps4.

The switch on its own, I couldn't recommend. Game cost is steep , library of AAA titles isn't there. Indie games are much cheaper else where etc. Battery life can be disappointing at times.

nowitzki200498d ago

Nintendo fanboys are starting to become most delusional.

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PhoenixUp99d ago

“Nintendo rarely discounts its own games”

Ain’t that the truth.

As of right now you can get Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition for $20 with the DLC included no less.

On the other hand The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which released around the same time, still costs a full $60 on both Wii U & NS.

Nintendo still hasn’t even released a GOTY edition of a game on the same platform, with titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition needing to be released on a new platform to have a package with all the DLC included.

Realplaya99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

The best part no discount and Nintendo games still sell well. Other companies games the hype wears off almost instantly.

AspiringProGenji99d ago

So does Nintendo games wear off the hype. You think BotW is still being so hyped to be full priced? Even 5 years after? I hate to hear this from N fanboys all the time. Nintendo games are not gold compared to others to be full price forever.

badz14998d ago

when many PS4 fanboys here saying they don't really care about crossplay, they are called anti-consumer. so this Nintendo fanboy's "full priced game forever" supporter is what, now?

PhoenixUp99d ago

@ Real

You like how there are no discounts? You corporate shill.

Another point of contention is how Nintendo will sell all their remasters at full price of $60 while full blown remakes like Ratchet & Clank and Shadow of the Colossus were sold at budget prices of $40, which is especially egregious since NS being a hybrid console would be the system that people would assume have more budget priced games owing to its handheld nature.

nitus1099d ago

Ratchet & Clank was just recently a free game if you had a PS+ subscription. I have not paid more than $20 AUD ($1 AUD = $0.74 USD) for most games with the exception of the first three games I purchased with the PS4.

Now I have to get back to Dark Souls III. Those Kamikasi undead are a real PITA since if they get you it is an instant kill and you only have a choice of instant kill them or just run and let them explode. Dying a lot and loving it. 🤪

Madmoose99d ago

Hey, I hear you man. However, it's damn sure not as bad or worse as the heavy Shilling going on for a company because they take away the ability for backwards compatibility just so they can sell you the game again or will make you sign up to a service. All the while denying you other options to services like EA access and such.

Nor is it as bad as the forgiveness and excuse making for companies applying anti-consumer practices like locking people's accounts and not allowing cross play. So if this person is against discounts, why are we so mad now considering all of the Schilling and anti gamer stuff that we've swallow here?

We're already allowed people to be against practices that benefit them as customers around here. So it's certainly not like their some sort of anomaly around here.

FinalFantasyFanatic98d ago

If there were more discounts, I would buy more, I can't afford to buy everything i want.

The 10th Rider98d ago

Calling him a corporate shill is uncalled for. All he did was bring up that the games still sell exceptionally well and he does have a point.

I'm not saying Nintendo shouldn't discount there games, but even without the price drops that other games see, most Nintendo games *still* manage to have incredible legs.

To be fair, they have had sales on first-party games recently. BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, Arms, and more. Still, it's usually just $10-20 and most games see a price drop of at least that much before Nintendo games even see a sale. I think they've been better with sales, but they need to drop the price of games overtime.

badz14998d ago


"...heavy Shilling going on for a company because they take away the ability for backwards compatibility just so they can sell you the game again or will make you sign up to a service. All the while denying you other options to services like EA access and such.
Nor is it as bad as the forgiveness and excuse making for companies applying anti-consumer practices like locking people's accounts and not allowing cross play."

your blatant hate towards Sony is showing.

I didn't know your almighty Nintendo offers free BC for Wii and Wii U games on Switch like the Xbone and last time I checked, they also sell remasters of Wii U games for $60 EACH! and your Switch must be one hell of a special one if you can also have EA Access on there too.


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RosweeSon99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

It’ll be reduced when they have more than 4/5 big games. Christmas time/early next year they hardly gonna cut their main exclusive game to half price I understand horizon have and it’s a great game however sony have a lot more to choose from.
Nintendo do have Nintendo selects range for 3DS as they have for Wii U and as they will no doubt add to switch when they have some new games etc smash Bros New Pokemon’s. Sony have only just recently introduced their budget platinum/selects range again and Xbox don’t have any games so ney mind ;)

PhoenixUp99d ago

@ Ros

It’s not just with Switch. Nintendo has a long history of selling their games at a premium for long periods of time.

You can even find certain Wii U games like SSB4 & Splatoon still being sold at $60 whereas various Sony games get discounted within a year or two of their release.

Sony discounted a lot of their PS4 titles to $20 long before PlayStation Hits became a thing. That budget line seems more geared towards getting more third party titles in the $20 range cuz Sony does so for their titles frequently.

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Shiken99d ago

Exactly. They are not comparible as they both have their own business model. Unlike the X1 which had no real place ina household that has a PS4, the Switch and PS4 can co exist following their own model. There is no one or the other in this case.

ConsoleGamer99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Well said, shiken!

CorndogBurglar99d ago

This is the correct response lol.

If you want to corner the best of the console world then you should own a Switch and either PS4 or Xbox One depending on which one's exclusives appeal to you more.

ConsoleGamer99d ago (Edited 99d ago )


Yes it has!!! Stop acting like it doesn't.

In only little less than 5 years it received 2 exclusives if i'm not mistaken. Halo 5 and sunset overdrive😂🤣.

But it has many, many multiplatform games and a handfull of them aren't even available on the competitors device.^^

porkChop99d ago

If you can only have one, get a PS4. But if you can afford a second system, the Switch is a great buy. I went with both, on top of having a high end PC with a VR headset. I can play pretty much any game I want, and that feels great.

monkey60299d ago

Agreed. I love the Switch. I use mine pretty much daily. I also have the PS4 and Xbox one but if I could only have one it would have to be the PlayStation. I find it leagues ahead of the others

FinalFantasyFanatic98d ago

I want those Nintendo exclusives, especially Octopath Traveler, it's going to be one of the first I pick up when I get a Switch.