Everyeye Italia Fable 2 review

Another review of Fable 2 has come in

"Fable II is a game virtually unavoidable: you can love or hate, but remains just one of the best games role, and not only that, in recent years. Thanks to a compartment artistic, graphic and sound of high-level, to a boundless longevity and its well-known unique features, the latest effort of Molyneux manages to fascinate and involve the player into a truly fabulous, to the point of passing in the second floor a few minor flaws. "

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eric1003652d ago

But its not an AAA by any means
It got 8 from most websites

Sena Kobayakawa3652d ago

Actually yeah i got a few flops for you. SOCOM / Motostorm 2 /Haze / Lair/ Disagae3 right ? it scored 8.5 so its a flop in your way of thinking fa99ot.

you guys cant be taken seriously anymore.

elshimiablo3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

flops for you
Too human/IU/TOV/ES/Ninja Gaiden /Viva Pinata/Blu Dragon/Lost odyssey right

Motorstorm 2 is averaging at 80% at n4g meta just like Fable 2

Motorstorm 2 is an AA just like Fable 2

Sena Kobayakawa3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

How dumb are you???? Do you really think does games I just named are really Flops? F1ck you guys keep getting dumber

The thing is , he said a game that scored 8.5 is a Flop. Now you've got to understand that Most of the games I just Named scored around 8/8.5 that is Disgaea3 , Socom , MotoStorm. Now lets put some common sense in your head . Do you feel like those games are flops? probably not so tell me in what world would Tales of Vesperia be a flop? Average score of the game 8.5/10 Side effects in japan = X360 Hardware sold out for about 2weeks ,limited edition of the game sold out. than Infinite Undiscovery came out more of the same 360 leading over japan for about 3weeks thanks to that game.

Eternal sonata game scored average 8/10 people liked the game and japan liked it also. Side effect PS3 is now getting the Port. How does that make the game a flop? you guys are too dumb

Ninja Gaiden2 Sold over 1million. Average Score 8/10 AA title. Not the greatest game out but surely not a flop.

Too human is a Flop indeed just like Lair and Haze were.those games are really the flops here.

Lost odeyssey average score 7.9 which is would mean a 8. The game did not sell Millions but does that make it a Flop? nop because if it did you might as well put Disgaea 3 in the bag because it did not sell much more.

Now I'll explain to why I said those games were flops. I was responding to a Ps3 turd. and he said that a game that will probably sell millions and score an average 9 is a Flop.

Now if you take that way of thinking in Cosideration all of those PS3 games I named would be flops also. But if you do have common sense inside that brain of yours you would know that they are not.

is it that hard to understand? you guys cant be taken seriously anymore

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

elshimiablo3652d ago

Motorstorm 1 outsold all x360 games in Europe

MS2 will do the same too

It will sell 5m easily lifetime. However flop gaiden 2 didnt even sell 500k worldwide
Tov/es/Iu/Blu dragon/too human /Lost odyssey all couldnt even reach 1m copies combined

Fable 2 will end up being the same too

M2 will outsell all x360 games combined except Gears 2 this Fall

Sena Kobayakawa3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

OMFGLMAO. Ninja Gaiden sold over a million a loooong time ago its all over the internet you fa99ot. looks like you dint get what i was trying to make you understand. anyways dont take the time to reply because your making yourself look dumber by the minute.

Quote:However flop gaiden 2 didnt even sell 500k worldwide

quote:Motorstorm 1 outsold all x360 games in Europe

motostorm was bundled with the First ps3 SKU worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is too much.

NaiNaiNai3652d ago

no point in even trying to argue with most of these fanboys. >.> there to much trouble. they just pull random crap out, (most of the time never true, and when it is true its exagerated way outa context.)
so the way i see it, if this fable 2 is a flop. >.> then MGS4 is a flop. (really like the game. but acroding to the thought process of a sony fan anygame thats doesnt get a 10 from every site is a flop.) even to them halo is a flop >.> proves how much they love there system to change anything they want.
tired of being nice to people. (even people on his side)

elshimiablo3652d ago

LBp has 96% and 97% respectively
However Fable 2 is a mega flop with 89% average. Fable 2 got 8/10 from most websites

Plus Fable 2 is just an 8 hour game

Gears 2 is next

Montrealien3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

eric100 was out of bubbles, so he needed to take out elshimiablo, Nasim ftl. Kid has no game, so he trolls.

MGS4 = great game
Gears 2 = great game
MS 2 = great game
Fable 2 = great game
LBP = great game
resistance 2 = great game

owning both the 360 and the PS3 = epic win

Keele3652d ago

If it got 8.0 from most websites it'd be less than an 8.9 average but apparently you're so stupid that you couldn't see that.

Respectively? The amount of uber-massive more than Fable hype those two games got and in the end that 100% you begged to get, you never got.

But you see, unlike you, we weren't looking for a 10/10 game that has 0 chances of happening. We were looking for a good rpg that'll keep us entertained and you know what, smartass? We got one.

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NBA09TheInsideFlop3652d ago

funny how the real flops like me and Socom and Motorstorm 2 are ignored by the ps3 scum.

Kareshi_X3652d ago

8.5 on 10 hey fellow ps3 friends this is a flop like motorstorm and socom how great is that.

Harry Flopper3652d ago


Keele3652d ago

NO ONE CARES :D !!!!!!!!

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