How to Keep Gaming Through the Recession

Loot Ninja writes:

"Banks are failing. Homes are being repossessed. Prices are rising, inflation is growing, the economy is shrinking and the end result is a lot of people are losing their jobs and lifestyles. Life is miserable, but not when I'm in good old Liberty City. Well, it's not miserable for me, but it is miserable for the citizens of Liberty City as I breathe a fiery napalm death upon them."

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taz80803676d ago

Lots of good ideas for surviving some good game during bad economics.

drunkpandas3676d ago

There's no question that people will have to cut spending habits, and hobbies such as gaming usually tend to be the first to go. Great points here on how to keep gaming fresh during tough economic times!

greyishfox3676d ago

its also a great idea to just not buy any new games and dust off old games. System Shock 2 is forever a great replay for me. Bioshock as well has a couple angles to play from (I know, similar games).

drunkpandas3676d ago

@greyishfox - True. You could also go back to some of the massive RPG's like Oblivion, Final Fantasy XII, etc.

Sarcasm3676d ago

Massive games that will last for a long time with a lot of re-playability is Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Resistance 2 and of course the biggest one LBP.

greyishfox3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@drunk pandas - true on RPGs

but steer clear on MMO's because they typically cost a monthly subscription fee... not recession friendly.

drunkpandas3676d ago

@greyishfox - Wasn't even referring to MMO's. The single player campaigns of Oblivion at FF12 last 100+ hours to complete everything. Tons of tons of content for your money

greyishfox3676d ago

@drunk pandas - yeah I agree with you, sorry I had clicked add reply before finishing.
Don't think I've ever replayed a game that involved, normally just happy I finished it! Great point. Most RPG's are serious replay value then. Go back and do all the side quests.
I would put Mass Effect back in my machine but its killed one Xbox 360 (RRoD) I'm afraid to play it again!

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drunkpandas3676d ago

You could always put your unused Wii on eBay. :)

I kid, I kid.

taz80803676d ago

I would think that systems like the PS2 may get a bump up since it is the cheapest alternative and you can get some classic games for it very cheap.

Maybe a return to the arcades is in order?

dubbalubagis3676d ago

"By the way, another great use of the Recession Test is when your lady says, “Lets go out to dinner!” Recession test baby, why don’t you cook instead? LittleBigPlanet is out soon."

That is just funny stuff. You can't let the recession get you down, eat less so you can buy more games. We must prioritize people!

greyishfox3676d ago

You can also use the recession test for when s/he says "Lets go to the movies" you can reply, "Lets stay in, do it, and play some COD4 online"

morganfell3676d ago

Did I just read the words 'g4tv' and 'honor' in the same paragraph?

drunkpandas3676d ago

Considering G4 wasn't mentioned in the article, I'm going to have to say no

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