Daemon X Machina Producer Believes A Lot Of Modern Games Look The Same

The annual E3 is commonly associated with dark, gritty and seemingly cutting-edge reveals. Whilst many of these titles do in fact go on to be huge successes, the producer of Daemon X Machina, Kenichiro Tsukuda, is of the belief there's nothing particularly distinctive - from a visual standpoint - about a lot of game releases nowadays.

Speaking to Kotaku at this year's show, Kenichiro Tsukuda was happy to divulge what he thought while at the same time hoping players would appreciate Marvelous Entertainment's title for its colourful palette and stylised design

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porkChop94d ago

He's not wrong. A lot of games go for a similar gritty and stylized take on "realism". And that style doesn't look bad by any means, it's just that so many games go for that general look.

Godmars29093d ago (Edited 93d ago )

You mean the Game of Thrones/Walking Dead look. Skyrim/Uncharted.

Though really, I blame Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings.

isarai92d ago

I was with you till you said uncharted, not the most stylized game but nothing really looks like it, most anyone who has played it can spot an uncharted screen in an instant.

Godmars29092d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So next to almost everything in uncharted isn't dilapidated broken down or in shambles by appearance?

Jungles and landscapes may be beautiful, but structures are in ruins. And then there are the ruins that look even more ruinous and falling apart at a light breeze.

Godmars29093d ago

Says a guy who used an AC artist?

Though he's not wrong about surrealism dying in mainstream gaming.

Godmars29093d ago

So I'm the only one who saw a pic without context and thought "New Armored Core game? Sweet!" only to read the announcement article?

WPX92d ago

Seeing that this game is its spiritual succesor of sorts, it's understandable.

Segata93d ago

I agree. I have trouble telling the difference between many AAA games these days.

isarai92d ago

Very true, wish we'd start getting more stylized games outside the indie crowd