Molyneux's Request: The Fable II Non-Gamer Experiment

In the internet of completeness in Ars Technica's review of Fable II, they have fulfilled Molyneux's request and had a non-gamer play the game prior to release. How did the play test go? Find out inside.

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absolutecarnage3703d ago

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Nikkelz3703d ago

my mom wont understand it either...but it doesnt mean its a flop....people do different things for entertainment....but i bet if he let his room mate play the wii he would love it,,,,,,my mom just turned 50 she has never played any video games not nes,snes, or genesis(in her younger years) but i swear the wii got my mom active and she just flatout enjoys herself.....i love the wii for that but as for me....i only have a ps3 at the moment but im still plnanning on buying the 360 for a few games,this definitely being one of them....thanks

3703d ago