Hidden NES Emulator Found in “Animal Crossing” After 17 Years

The Deadbeat Critics: “If you remember the original iteration of the Animal Crossing series released on GameCube in 2001, you may remember the much-vaunted ability the game had hidden inside it, which was the power to play select NES titles – an important landmark in gaming history, as Nintendo didn’t realise that re-releases of classic titles were commercially viable until that point.”

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MrSwankSinatra122d ago

i love seeing stories like this.

Kerplunk80122d ago

This is so cool especially since originally they must have planned to use your memory card to play nes games using animal crossing. Nice find to the hacker!

Lighter9122d ago

I remember having all of the games spread out in my basement. 2 per table and they all fit, even the one that didn't have a game. I think it was an April's Fools NES.

Kerplunk80122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

That nes with no game was suppose to load any nes game you had on your memory card the same guy discovered this as well. Whenever you click on the no game nes it scans your memory card for the nes rom.

Cobra951122d ago

Clearly there was a NES emulator present, since the included NES games were fully playable. It's interesting that there may have been plans to have the emulator work with other games, but I'm not convinced. After the early years, NES carts started to include custom hardware to expand the capabilities of the primitive system. Even if the hurdle of emulating all the extra hardware and mappers got the time and manpower to overcome back then, how would users get all the other NES games into AC? Of course a hacker can do some of that in Dolphin, on a PC. What would be the delivery method on the GC, and what would motivate Nintendo to do all that under one quirky GC game?

Kerplunk80122d ago

Maybe Nintendo was gonna open a game service for animal crossing but held off until the Wii came out to offer that service. Why else would the no game nes item scan your memory card for games?

Concertoine121d ago

Its probably more like they wanted you to take your GC memory card to some kiosk or arcade games to get a free ROM.

They did something similar with F Zero GX unlocking tracks from its arcade counterpart AX.

WPX121d ago

I think that there were some e-reader related plans. I remember reading somewhere that Animal Crossing GC would be somehow using e-reader features while connected to the Gameboy Advance, I remember seeing a Excitebike card too. Sadly it seems those plans were scrapped.
Don't quote me 100% on this, since I could be wrong and it's been more than a decade from that then.

Nodoze121d ago

WHERE IS THE NEW ANIMAL CROSSING?? Sorry to shout, but it is ridiculous we do not even have an announcement yet. Instead we have a crap mobile game.

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