BioWare's Anthem Gets New Details on Javelin Customization, Progression and More

BioWare's developers are continuing the barrage of Anthem details provided in response to questions from the game's fans.

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bigmalky121d ago

I'm just not feeling it. No usual Bioware features, EA game, Destiny clone.

Sounds mediocre.

DrumBeat121d ago

Indeed it does. It's probably going to follow the Destiny model of DLC and 'Events' to placate the player base as it hungers for more content once the main content is exhausted. Once you've discovered everything off the beaten path, you're going to fly by it all and never revisit it. You're going to be grinding for loot and visiting the same places over and over again. Perhaps I'm wrong, but from what I've learned, I'm not.

PUBG121d ago

I totally agree. There's nothing about this game that makes me want to spend the money on it. If it were to have an expansive and high quality single player campaign, then I could possible see myself getting on board, but a game about robot suits just seems so generic. It's like they got their inspiration from Iron Man or something.