"Impossible Trophy To Attain" Award Goes To…..

Everyone likes trophies and achievements. Even if you are not a trophy/achievement (from now on referred to as trophies, because it is shorter) whore you still take a gander at the list and see what the easy ones are to obtain. You may not partake in the trophy smack talk but you certainly don't want to be the subject of such a conversation. I mean really how hard is to get the kill 30 bad guys with each gun trophies in Dead Space? You'll kill that many just oohing and ahhing over weapon effects.

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PirateThom3747d ago

I honestly believe that Wipeout represents what a trophy/achievement set should be.

A few easy trophies (take a photo, DO A BARRLE ROLL), but most of them require real skill and intimate knowledge of the tracks to cut as much as possible to reduce the times.

vitz33747d ago

My friend "WipEou7 HD" already has the plat trophy. He had it in three days of release. Yes, he's THAT hardcore.

Kleptic3747d ago

yeah I really like the spread of difficulty on the trophies for the most part...

and I would say Warhawk is EASILY the hardest game to platinum in...just one trophy alone is becoming a general...which takes roughly 300 hours MINIMUM...let alone getting master awards for every single badge in the game...which is hundreds of hours also (although a lot of that is done simultaneously with leveling up to General)...

Wipeout HD is tough...but takes a lot of practice, but I'm finally getting it to click again...I am down to a 31.00 on AP to beat Zico's time for the trophy, and know where i am screwing up to lose that last .18 seconds...the airbraker trophy is definitely going to be a pain, but the zone zeus on certain tracks is actually very attainable with practice...I went from a zone 33 to a 65 in just one try on anulpha pass (generally regarded as one of the easier tracks for zone mode)...and the loyalty based trophies just come from playing the online too, those loyalty points still count for the trophies, and you don't even think about it...

Wipeout HD is still harder than the platinum in Uncharted...but its definitely no warhawk...

Tarasque3747d ago

No way possible you can get those trophies in 3 day's, even if you played 3 days straight. Sure he has them or whatever but i think you might exaggerate a little on the time it took.

Horny Melon3747d ago

is not monotonous. Each game you play is different and more interesting things can happen, more interesting stats to fllow, more unlockables, etc, etc. With wipeout HD no such luck. One race is much like the other and the only unlockables are a couple of skins a vehicle. I'd love your friend to post a screen cap and his ps name in the comments section of the post though if he does indeed have the Wipeout platinuim.

Kleptic3747d ago

absolutely no way your friend had the platinum in 3 days...because the online was completely screwed up during that time period, and it would have been impossible to get the 50 online kills because of that...

look at the PS boards for it...the 50 online kills, which I believe is just a silver trophy, is taking people forever...a ton of guys have everything else, but its very difficult to get kills in HD, mostly because the plasma bolt is no longer a one hitter (takes around 50% damage now)...

I have been playing the game nearly daily since it launched also...and I have 3 kills online...I don't exactly just go for kills...but there are people focusing entirely on that with somewhere near 10...

and thats not to mention the zico trophy...that in itself is taking people days on end to get (until the video was posted of how to do it, even then it still seems nearly impossible)...I am sure your friend really has the trophy now, but there is simply no way that he got everything in 3 days...that is simply do to the fact that no where near enough people where able to get online at that time...

Marceles3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

"Wipeout HD is still harder than the platinum in Uncharted...but its definitely no warhawk... "

lol...I guess some games are easier than others for some people because Uncharted is the 2nd easiest to get platinum on other than Burnout. As for the Wipeout guy getting the trophies in 3 days, I can believe it...some guys are Wipeout fanatics and really good from playing the PSP ones and knowing exactly where everything is. If he said 1 or 2 days it would be BS, but I believe it can be done in 3 days if he stayed home all day each day playing. If he was out to kill 50 online opponents for 3 days, he probably got his 10 wins first and then totally focused all his time on killing opponents online...or he can be a cheater and own 2 playstations or team up with a friend and kill each other 50 times.

Are_The_MaDNess3747d ago

Warhawk isnt hard
it just takes long time 2 get the trophies

Megaton3747d ago

Warhawk is only hard cause it's the equivalent of a horrible MMO grind to rank up. WipEout HD actually takes hardcore skill to get some of the trophies.

Kleptic3747d ago

yeah that is what I was saying...uncharted is pretty easy to get platinum in...the hardest part being beating it on just have to go slow, you learn the AI patterns after getting killed a lot...and you have to remember to save ammo...thats pretty much it though...anyone can realistically do it...its just frustrating at times...Warhawk is simply out of control...not really in difficulty...just that it takes weeks worth of playing (as in 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it would still take half a month to get some of the trophies for that game)...Warhawk's are retroactive though, at least the rank related cups...which great for people already ranked fairly high...but I have about 150 hours into the game, and am fully prepared to never get a platinum trophy in that game...

I don't own burnout yet...although will probably get the PSN version this winter for that price...

and i wasn't saying that 'it couldn't be done in 3 days' (wipeout HD I mean)...I was only saying that the online problems would have made that nearly impossible...SCE support on the US forums were showing that at launch there were like 10 people online at any given time because of connection errors...and because there are several online related trophies to get the platinum, I simply don't understand how he could do that at the games release...thats all...

PS3Freak3747d ago

The 50 kills online trophy is a b!tch. I've played wipeout alot online and only have about 10 kills. It's probably because i'm always leading and can only rely on perfectly placed bombs and mines.

Mozilla893747d ago

Like you guys said its not monotonous. But trying to get first place without having a single death is insane, and some of the badge requirements are crazy like the one which requires you to have like 70 team points but only 5-10 combat points, and others that I can't remember. I really want to get a Platinum though, is it pretty easy for Uncharted?

Peter Griffin3747d ago

the hardest trophy to get by far is Late Boomer in SSHD. i have everyone but that. i actually spent days of tedious strategic gameplay and still nothin smh

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ottoenie3747d ago

what about: bioshock - i chose the impossible, complete the game on survivor without dying, it's so friggin hard!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3747d ago

Its easy.Just avoid the Big Daddies and the rest is fairly simple

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3747d ago

I would have tried to get them all, but can't be @SSED now really!!! ;-D
I did 'Resident Evil' on PS1 in under 3 hours(took me ages to get right)to get the Rocket Launcher and used it once and that was it!!!

Bren863747d ago

I only need TWO more trophies on wipeout hd to get platinum and these last to are by far the hardest for me to achieve. The two trophies are the

Elite Campaign Legend - easy untill meltdown where all the races are elite phantom.

Arcade Perfect - simply not lucky enough to win any of the races on elite phantom :(

I'd love to just put the game down and play something else but I've come so far and theres only two left. :(

Horny Melon3747d ago

to be able to go after platinum trophies. The closest I am to one is Uncharted I only need 4 more. Maybe during the winter lull I'll be able to bang one or two out.

Kleptic3747d ago

wow man...I am only at 28% right now, but only put in an hour so per day since it released...if that the online is functioning again I have been playing more...

but yeah...Elite on Phantom seems nearly hopeless from what I have read...I haven't tried it yet, still working on the racebox silver trophy for beating everyone on skilled...that is hard enough, let alone elite...

and yeah Uncharted I just need to play through it on crushing...I am on the boat right now on hard...but haven't played it in over a too, because I beat the game last year on crushing once...but nothing was matter, its a great game and was worth playing again...its just that there is so much other stuff to play I can't dedicated the nonstop time it takes to master on crushing...

PS3Freak3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

elite campain legend gets QUITE frustrating after a while. However i only had trouble with a few phantom races. Sol 2 was pretty hard, but by far the hardest was chengou project, until i used the mirage that is, somehow it was much much easier with that car compared to the harimau i was using at the time.

Now uncharted was a very time consuming platinum, considering that i had to play through the game 4 times ( 1 Normal 1 Hard and 2 Crushing) to find all the damn treasures and get all the other trophies.

LegendarySins3747d ago

I'm in the exact same boat. I'm drained from it and just about sick of it but it would be pointless to stop now.

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NBA09TheInsideFlop3747d ago

"get out of last place."

that is an impossible trophy for the ps3.

trophys what a ripoff.

pwnsause3747d ago


what a great trophy you're getting.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3747d ago

You kidding me? He can barely get the achievement lol

heyheyhey3747d ago

im working on Disciple... but i don't have time- im only up to 12,000 points with Assegai :(

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