The 10 Greatest Zombie Games of All-Time

COGconnected: Our very own, and very edible, COGconnected podcast team, Press X To Podcast, considers the Top 10 Perfect Zombie Games of all time!

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NecrumOddBoy191d ago

Until Dawn should be on this list and some House of the Dead: OVERKILL

_FantasmA_191d ago

Until Dawn isn't a zombie game. Have you even played it?


They put Bloodborne in there though

NecrumOddBoy191d ago

This sounds like a form of zombie if both Bloodborne and TLOU are on there. And yes I did play it.

Army_of_Darkness185d ago


"sounds like a form of zombie" ... No. Those things in Until dawn are NOT zombies. If you played it you would know this and wouldn't need to use wikia to try and defend your case lol!

On topic. this zombie list Blows ass with sh1t inside of it!

FloydianAndroid191d ago

What does until dawn have to do with zombies

KillBill190d ago

Exactly... calling Until Dawn Wendigos a zombie is like calling FrankenStein's Monster a Robot.

Christopher191d ago

Somebody might need to replay Until Dawn again.

Christopher190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Wendigos are not dead nor reanimated dead. Again, not zombies. They are more akin to werewolves/skinwalkers than anything else.

Venox2008190d ago

I agree that HOTD: Overkill is awesome..but Until Dawn doesnt have zombies

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Fist4achin190d ago

It didnt make the list, but what about Dead Island? I was kind of meh about it though...