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Fable II opens a realistic world to the gamer, which offers besides the main story many elements of life-simulation, fun and variety (jobs, quests etc.). A fantasy epic, which is unique on the Xbox 360.

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3648d ago

Hopefully the PC version will score better

Yoma3648d ago

Ye but still LBP > Fable 2

bouncybullet3648d ago

I'll be playing both.

But only renting LBP on gamefly.

I don't like my replay value depending on a loser fat kid somewhere in Arkansas.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3648d ago


Then maybe you shouldn't be playing Xbox Live XD

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blooodFrenzy923648d ago

defenite flop. there loliflop/newerguy/flopoftheyea r/nasim/ i saved you the effort of writing this

blooodFrenzy923648d ago

damn you gooooooooood and mental

elshimiablo3648d ago

Fable 2 is averaging below 90% at n4g meta

the review average will be 85% when all reviews come in at n4g meta and metacritic

GiantEnemyCrab3648d ago

blah blah blah.. Nasim/Tanod/Shmee all I hear is your crying..

Stop crying..

Oh and N4G metadata is worthless and this game is AAA and you lose last place boy!

bouncybullet3648d ago

The oxm score was never properly entered into N4G's meta.

(wonder why.)

Zerodin3648d ago

And that sad droid elshimiablo to my block list. He's SUPER pissed that he can't bother me anymore.
These threads are SO much easier to read.
90/100 vs the scores the first Fable pulled? Not shabby at all.

PirateThom3648d ago

And the first Fable wasn't even a bad game.

elshimiablo3648d ago

wont change anything

Fable2 is not an AAA anymore. You cant change that
Gears2 is next

Keele3648d ago

You HOPE it'll get lower. You're betting your life on it. You make me sick.

GiantEnemyCrab3648d ago

They are the same people Zerodin.

AAA Confirmed!!!

elshimiablo3648d ago

It is 89% and will only get lower
It is averaging at 89%
most websites gave it 8/10

ouch for MS and PETER

Bladestar3648d ago

@elshimiablo - you obviusly didn't see the scores Motorstorm and Socom are getting... and you "ouch microsoft" for getting an average of 89%?... haha! Fable 2 already score better than 90% of all PS3 games you lovers consider AAA on the PS3.

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blooodFrenzy923648d ago

gonna be a great game. i cant stop laughing at how crazy these people are

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The story is too old to be commented.