Aliens: Colonial Marines AI Bug Due to Single-Letter Typo

A modder by the username of jamesdickinson963 has discovered an AI bug in Aliens: Colonial Marines is caused by a single-letter typo. Fixing the bug is as easy as fixing the typo.

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Activemessiah189d ago

But according to Randy, it's the fans fault... ok randy... you %&*$!

KillZallthebeast189d ago

I've met him in person. He's just all around unbearable to speak to

FTLmaster189d ago

Pretty hilarious. Sums up the game, really.

porkChop189d ago

There were lots of issues with the game, but that was a pretty big one. Kind of ridiculous that a typo made its way into the final game, like they didn't even check the code when the AI wasn't working right.

Direwolf484188d ago

I can't believe this made it past QA testing.

Gaming4Life1981189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I'll fix it as I like the game as a die hard alien fan, modded of course.

TedCruzsTaint189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I forget the name of the mod, but someone already went through, fixed the ai, made it more aggressive, cleaned up the soldier encounters, prettied up some of the effects and lighting, and tightened the controls.
Didn't make for a great experience, but a lot better than what was sold to players at launch.

Gaming4Life1981188d ago

oh wow I'll have to look for that all in one mod. I honestly only messed with the graphics and lighting.

mixelon189d ago

This is one of the most hilarious game dev goofs I’ve ever seen. Seerrriously?! How did nobody involved notice the ai was so jacked up? It was brought up in reviews.. there were post launch patches! Haha, what.

rainslacker188d ago

I'm sure they knew about it. They just didn't fix it. Almost every bug is known on release, they just usually prioritize what to fix. Broken AI tends to be something most devs would prioritize.

But given the nature of this game, and funds being diverted illegally, it never got that chance.

While I'm not going to defend the dev here,I will say that sometimes even a single letter typo can not always be that apparent in troubleshooting buggy code. I spent two days troubleshooting with an algorithm once where the fix was a basic arithmetic error that should have been immediately apparent even as I was writing it. I felt really dumb when I finally realized it, and felt I wasted a lot of time having to do it after the bug report came back the first time.

mixelon188d ago

I think they probably missed it. It’s so trivial to correct once noticed. A debut console should be telling them that things are misfiring to this extent.

Another dev mentioned outsourced QA could’ve been a problem, or a breakdown in communications so people didn’t have the knowledge/experience of the game to notice the AI getting suddenly much worse. I’m not blaming any individuals, it’s just hilarious how they could’ve fixed this with such a microscopic patch.

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