If you don’t like Diablo III try Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr

Diablo is a great game no doubt about that, but it's not for everyone. It's very grindy and complex, and requires huge dedication. Is Warhammer 40k: Inquisition Martyr any different?

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yemeth47153d ago

Been playing it a lot. While I like the devs' decision to present a different gameplay style and design, it doesn't work that well imo. The short missions, bland loot, the power level system, boring skilltree, grind for fate points-all kind of work against the game. Maybe that's why the ARPG formula hasn't changed much since the 90s.

MichaelPyre152d ago

Could be. I understand how all that may be a problem for someone but these things also make this game more accessible for casual players and those of us with not as much time on our hands.

The 10th Rider152d ago

I don't see why companies don't try shaking things up a bit by changing the setting. A mech based looting ARPG could be pretty dang awesome . . . something like Custom Robo meets Diablo. Or maybe a pirate based one, where you battle on land as a pirate, but also at sea on your ship, and you collect loot and level up both your ship and your character. Feels like so many ARPGs stick to a similar tone and setting.

MichaelPyre152d ago

Wow that actually would be amazing. I think problem is that arpgs don't sell. They were kind of killed by Mobas as they had similar gameplay, and style just were multiplayer and free. Only one that still is being played is diablo, so every company is trying to copy that formula. Fact that it worked for Path of Exile, makes even more people want to copy them.

81BX152d ago

Nevermind... just play diablo 3

Cmv38152d ago

I would try it, but it keeps getting delayed on console lol

MichaelPyre152d ago

Ohh yeah that's true. Wonder what's the deal with that. Like it has full controller support on pc already. But it is good looking game so they might have problems with the port

Myst-Vearn152d ago

Not a fan of the always-online requirement even when just wanting to play single player.

Cmv38152d ago

We are definitely slowly moving towards that future, not sure if there is anything that can stop it. I predict by ps6, 90 percent of games will have that requirement.

MichaelPyre152d ago

Me neither, but this game has this ambitious idea of shared world were decision of majority of players can change where the game will go to next. So it's kind of justified

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