Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Celebrates the Franchise's Anniversary with New Line of Art

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film, is celebrating the 31st anniversary of Metal Gear over the next month with new art.

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C-H-E-F97d ago

Wait, i refuse to support this, Hideo Kojima is the only person I feel could make the game/movie/cartoon/article/scr ipt/book/etc. they are tarnishing this mans hard work. 31 years this man spent building this up and they are already destroying it in 3 smh.

Tankbusta4097d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I've enjoyed Metal Gear since the NES... But I still don't understand this cult like obsession for Kojima. Metal Gear can live on without him and I am fine with it.

cj1pate10197d ago

since nes when msx was the platform to play it on. survive was a great game oh im lying ...

TheDriz97d ago

Agreed. I liked solid 2 and 3. He himself started cashing it in after that. Oh and his new game is gonna be a huge letdown for the mainstream. It will get 8s and everyone will yell about it but in the end the thing will sell like a turd. I dont believe a word the gaming mob says ever.

Venox200897d ago

this director is a friend will Hideo Kojima..i have a feeling that Kojima will give him an advice or movie director is a hard MGS fan and was playing and showing other team mates gameplay (who knows maybe even conpleted game with them) i dont want to write it off so soon

deckardreplicant97d ago

Jordan is really a guy who can understand how to make video game movies because he uses to play them. He plays the game and not just pretend like other directors. As for the Hideo Himself. He is a very close friend of him and you can check their social network for how they are connected and also Hideo approves of him personally. Jordan himself has interviewed Hideo so many times regarding Death Stranding and MGS.

-Foxtrot97d ago

Lets be honest how many video game films have been made when the director/writers go "I'm a huge gamer, I'm a huge fan of the franchise, I love video games, I play them all the time" etc only for the films to be awful to below average at best?

As for Kojima approving, the guy is a Hollywood director, that's enough for Kojima to approve anything since he's obsessed with Hollywood, trying to find any ties to get involved more with it as he can.

Spikeantestor97d ago

While that would be cool, Ive been saying for a bit now that MS has the most to gain by buying them. They get a legit Japanese game studio, a ton of beloved IPs and the good will from springing those IPs from an (apparently) evil empire.

Further, MS has been on a very public studio purchasing spree so it's not crazy to think they might try.

Lastly, they would have the ammo to offer Kojima the chance to make another MG (after he's done Death Stranding) without having to answer to Konami.

markzzbr97d ago

And rumours say that MS is in negotiations to big acquisition.

Silly gameAr97d ago

Thats random. Why would Sony do that?

NapalmSanctuary97d ago

To make some big bucks from some primo game franchises, but I seriously doubt that Konami's owners would sell.

_FantasmA_97d ago

What a waste of money that would be. The last time I bought a Konami game was 2012.

Master of Unlocking96d ago

Konami's current boss has publicly stated in Japan that he doesn't care for videogames in the least...

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fad63297d ago

Didn't really have any feeling towards the film, I love the games, mgs on PS1 is probably my favourite game ever, but I have to say that image is awesome!

psuedo97d ago

This is the first I heard of a MGS movie.....

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