Visceral had some cool ideas for Dead Space 4

When it comes to Dead Space, what dies doesn't stay dead for long. Dead Space 3 launched in February 2013 and EA has said nothing since to indicate it's ready to revive the science fiction horror series.

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gantarat2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"Ben did note that in order to get the budget down to Hellblade levels, they would have to cut some of the very expensive set pieces the series was known for, in case you were curious what was driving up the budget in the first place."

I think Publisher/Dev should know that it hard to make AAA TPS Survivor-Horror game sold well like Resident Evil.

Seriously,TPS Survivor Horror game it very rare now adays.

SCW19822147d ago

I would say the big budget set pieces in the second game are what make it not as good as the small intimate intense settings of the Ishimura from the first. Dead Space 1 >>>>>>>&g t; Dead Space 2

Sevir2147d ago

I still felt Dead Space 2 was amazing. I liked that it balanced the set pieces with the intense horror, it was a great pacing too. The first 2 games will always be my fav modern horror game. The 3rd game was your perfect example of EA extorting a fantastic studio and IP only to cancel and condemn it and the people who worked on it after they forced the developers to go the wrong way

Concertoine2147d ago

Imagine Dead Space 1 without the side characters telling you what to do. Its just Isaac alone and insane in the environment - terrifying prospect.

It alaways seemed like the natural evolution of the series to me.

sonarus2147d ago

I really miss dead space especially as resident evil went the more action route this was best survival horror game out there. 3 was borderline garbage but 1&2 were great very disappointed we haven’t gotten a 4 yet. I think this game a new resistance game and Warhawk are what I wish most from PS3 era

Yui_Suzumiya2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yeah, Resident Evil and The Evil Within are the only big ones I can think of.

Plagasx2147d ago

That's why I worship Bethesda for giving us a game like The Evil Within and a sequel. I don't take that for granted not one bit. I support it every which way I can :)

AspiringProGenji2147d ago

That's what they have done instead of Battlefield Hardline, then fk EA happened

annoyedgamer2147d ago

RIP Visceral. Also RIP Danger Close games

Majin-vegeta2147d ago

Danger close is actually now DICE L.A.So technically they're still open

SCW19822147d ago

Cut the expensive set pieces, give us a small terrifying and deeply intimate horror experience.

annoyedgamer2147d ago

Asking EA to make quality is like asking water not to be wet. It won't happen and when the studio is shut down they will issue a press release saying it all our (the fans) fault.

sle7enn2147d ago

Water isn’t wet, water makes things wet. But I agree with what you are trying to say

FinalFantasyFanatic2147d ago

A space station, a deserted base, there are so many places where they could still do the small enclosed set piece.

-Foxtrot2147d ago

Would any one want Dead Space 4 with how much they f***** up the story and how silly it's become

I mean a moon guys...A GOD DAMN MOON

Then there's the fact Dead Space 3 was just an awful story in general. I'd prefer it if they did a new one and Dead Space 3 was just a nightmare Isaac had

gantarat2147d ago

I really hate love triangle story.

Fist4achin2147d ago

You're on to something. Opening scene, Isaac wakes up in a hospital while DS3 scenes flash on the screen. Says something about a crappy dream and then bam, goes right into DS4...

Oh, and they get rid of the weapons crafting system from DS3.

Yui_Suzumiya2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

The weapon crafting system was the worst in this game. Totally unnecessary. Nothing much else bugged me as much in the game except for that.

Bobafret2147d ago

I liked Dead Space 3, I have never understood the hate it gets.

-Foxtrot2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Because it's shit compared to the first two to put it blunty

If you have something which is a solid 9/10 and you release something that isn't that good while dumbing down the franchise in the later instalment then it's going to come off worse then it is as it's being compared to something better.

Take Resident Evil 5 for example, it was an alright game but it was a shit Resident Evil game. Speaking of that, Dead Space 3 ticked more people off because EA saw the hate Capcom got for that game with them going towards the action route along with co-op yet despite being crowned the "new survival horror franchise" they decided to do the EXACT SAME MISTAKE. It was idiotic and I share no sympathy for them.

Fist4achin2147d ago

Changed the feel too much. 3 felt more like a COD type game as opposed to a survival horror game.

gantarat2147d ago

It not a bad game by any mean but it not people want from dead dpace game.

Bobafret2146d ago

I loved the segment where you are travelling from derelict ship to derelict ship, the setting was very creepy.

ziggurcat2146d ago

"I liked Dead Space 3, I have never understood the hate it gets."

because they shoved co-op into a game that wasn't about co-op - and they turned it from more of a survival horror into an action shooter.

I never finished 3. The first two were amazing, and the first one is still one of my favourite games from last gen.

NapalmSanctuary2146d ago

I like it when -Foxtrot gets blunty.

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