A new dongle will let you use wireless headphones with your Nintendo Switch

This dongle from Human Things plugs directly into your USB-C port on the Switch console. Because it plugs directly into the port and can access a digital stream of the game’s audio, latency should be very low, something very important when gaming or consuming media.

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VariantAEC100d ago

Wow so on top of costing as much as a base model PS4 and more than a PS Vita at its launch the Switch doesn't support Bluetooth headsets!
Personally I don't use them often but I do use Bluetooth speakers and I can safely assume (since they use the same profiles) that those are also not supported.
Switch is exceptionally weak even compared to last gen, overpriced and less flexible than other comparable (i.e.: mobile) and competitive (i.e.: PS Vita) hardware.

edeprez100d ago

In docked mode the Switch is more powerful than last gen systems, but when in handheld mode its clock speed is cut by 60% so its gimped pretty bad there. The consensus is that its about 393 Gigaflops/s docked whereas the Xbox 360 was 230 Gf/s. I do agree with you on how many hardware and software features are missing on this thing.

Outlawzz100d ago

Oh Give it a rest already

OpenGL100d ago

It's a shame they don't allow the built in Bluetooth to be used with audio devices like on the Vita.

jojo319100d ago

It's a shame Sony didn't support the Vita like Nintendo did with the Switch.

JimmyDM9099d ago

Sony supported the Vita longer than Nintendo supported the Wii U.

CyberRekkr99d ago

A dongle that is gonna be aggravating and in the way, Nintendo get with the times! Psvita does voice chat better than Switch and it came out in 2012! Terrible Nintendo!