Why You Should Play Iron Banner This Weekend

In case you missed it the Iron Banner is back this week, and regardless of the reason I'm about to go into it is well worth getting involved in. This is the peak of the PVP experience in Destiny 2, and if you want to really show off your armour and weapons against others then this is your holy grail.

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Jimboms190d ago

I play the crap out of it to be honest mate

Unreal01190d ago

How dare you play something you enjoy.

SuperbVillain190d ago

Like I said, nobody plays this bs

raztad190d ago

New to Destiny. Love it. So much to do. Gameplay is great.

RememberThe357190d ago

I ditched this for Warframe and haven't looked back.

PapaBop190d ago

Wait until Bungie brings back proper rewards for playing IB, then come back with an article like this.

Jimboms190d ago

Mate wait until the Moments of Triumph, that's what's gonna be exciting

Harryvok190d ago

D2 pvp just isn’t fun. Bad connections, weak powers, ‘must use’ weapons. I would take the old D1 with the sniper and shotgun problems over this.

Jimboms190d ago

Connections are a big issue I will admit, but I still love the PVP

maybelovehate190d ago

This season's ornaments are definitely worth it. The look amazing. Sucks the guns this season are so mediocre though.

DevilishSix190d ago

So all D2 has now is fashion, sad. Another rip off of Warframes Fashion Frame concept,

maybelovehate190d ago

Definitely not all D2 is. The Faction Rally's had some amazing guns, especially New Monarchy and the Winner Weapon for FTW is top tier. The new Trials guns are elite. And the catalysts for a lot of the exotics are definitely worth chasing this season. It is just the guns in Iron Banner weren't that good this time around. But yeah, if you also like Fashion, which a lot of players do, the Iron Banner ornaments look amazing. The shaders are quite good too.

Jimboms190d ago

Warframe is brilliant, but Destiny 2 is a pretty different game

warriorcase190d ago

So are all the suits in warframe just cosmetic?

Jimboms190d ago

The guns aren't great no

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