Why 'Fable II' is the game of the year

I may be going out on a limb here considering Little Big Planet, Far Cry 2, and countless other titles will be hitting store shelves over the the next few months, but I don't care. After playing through the world of Fable II and considering the impression it made on me, I can say, without a doubt, that Fable II is 2008's game of the year.

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Zerodin3653d ago

in 3...2...1...

Actually I can see that from the reviews, despite it not being a perfect 10, the dev team learned from their mistakes, and didn't repeat the "promise the moon, deliver a moon pie" debacle.

Deviant3653d ago

and tards like are still bashing KZ2

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3653d ago

Thats a good analogy.Molyneux unlike other retards at Microsoft Game Studios made a simple promise instead of outlandish ones like "Bigger,Better,and more Badass"

lol Cliffy B

Zerodin3653d ago

He's a loudmouth, who got lucky.
I haven't even had any interested in playing Gears until now, and that's because the first one is less then half the original price. Hell I'm just now getting into Bioshock. I don't clamp onto new titles often.

elshimiablo3653d ago

It has got 8/9 from most websites
IGN gave it 8.8/10

It is also not an AAA

GiantEnemyCrab3653d ago

Don't tell Nasim! Oops too late he is already here doing damage control for the fishheads!

xaviertooth3653d ago

xbot: * Actually I can see that from the reviews, despite it not being a perfect 10, the dev team learned from their mistakes, and didn't repeat the "promise the moon, deliver a moon pie" debacle. *

oh yeah? reviews after peter molesteux beg from game reviewers,no wonder this game gets 8 or 9.. hey maybe dyack should follow this sort of a trend in his next shiit60 game, coupled with microsoft money, they might have a 10.

Pain3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Go go Retard powers! u can can do it kid.

to bad for u LBP = GotY

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ThatCanadianGuy3653d ago

Owned by microsoft..

chaosatom3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

it's some really tough competition.

UNLESS Cnet does not own a ps3, then certainly Fable 2 could be.
Even then it's has to go aganist Far cry 2, Fallout 3.

What is Cnet going to say when Gears 2 hits. It's the end of gaming on Xbox? Y2K?

sunnygrg3653d ago

Fable 2 being GOTY is too far-fetched.

sonarus3653d ago

Actually its not really that farfetchd you have to keep in mind its based off opinion.

In my eyes, MGS4 is still the best game i have played this yr and nothing really came close. The only game that actually has a shot of taking MGS4 spot in my eyes is gears of war 2...but realistically its a long shot.

Monchichi0253653d ago

But I'll hold out my own judgemnet till I play it. But I think game of the year will probably fall between

1. MGS4
2. Fable II
3. LBP
4. Gears II
5. GTA

But regardless, it's a great time to be a gamer!!!

eagle213653d ago

I can say with 110% confidence that LittleBigPlanet wipes the floor with Fable 2.

Fun will overcome. :p

This man should be fired for abuse of power, well abuse of journalism because he has no power.

Let's see, this guy has said:

"Zune will kill the Ipod"
"The RROD is not a problem"
"There is nothing wrong with Vista"
"Halo 3........"
"Fable 2 Game of the Year?"

Yawn. Fail. :)

bouncybullet3653d ago

Wow the legions of idiots agree with your FALSE comment.

CNet is owned by CBS.

Just goes to show how much Fanboys are mindless followers.

Lanoire3653d ago

And where even GTA4 has scored 9.5 average. And with Farcry 2, mirrors edge, and Resistance 2 still to be released, a game with an average of 8.8 is nowhere near "GOTY".

Funny thing how most of these reviewers deduct points from PS3 exclusives for having install times, being 12 hours "short" or simply bashing the game developer for telling them to review the game for what it is.

But when it comes to 360 exclusives, the same games with the same problems get praised like heaven.

And another thing thats ultra clear is how American reviewers all rate 360 exclusives higher than MOST european reviewers. Such is the case with fable 2.

Bias confirmed and proven. 360 is a popular console in the states. And thats why these reviews stink.

marinelife93653d ago

I can't say because I haven't played Fable 2. But the man is certainly entitled to his opinion. I'd have to go with.

1. MGS4
2. LBP

Ahead of Fable 2 for game of the year.

CrazyMystical3653d ago

Fable 2 HA! considering how disappointing the 1st one was I'm surprise anyone is looking forward to this one. what people forgot about was the two big guns that went off earlier this year (MGS4 & GTA4) & the big guns to come such as R2, LBP, Gears2, GHWT, Fallout2 ETC. so please don't think your fooling anyone when you release these crack pot stories from writers who know nothing about the industry.

really no BS but Fable 2 would be lucky if it could even win the game of it's week considering all the good games to come.

Tarasque3653d ago

Ok first off Cnet is owned by CBS, And secondly i think Fable 2 will be a great game no doubt, but not GOTY. I think there is no way MGS4 or LBP should get it, of course this is my opinion and what do i know. As it stands right now i would say RES2 is my GOTY and that is going by a beta =O. But you also have alot of good games coming out.

Electricear3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

As others have pointed out Cnet is now owned by CBS; however, in the past they had been strongly allied with Ziff Davis Media (ZDnet), and some people still feel there is a strong alliance between Cnet and ZDnet. ZDnet are known henchmen of Microsoft as can be seen in this public announcement: As to how much influential bleed over there is it's hard to say, but I do tend to take Cnet views with a grain of salt.

That being said it's my opinion that Little Big planet, though it may not be every ones number one game, has enough appeal to it that it's on most peoples lists for GOTY. A genera specific game like Fable 2 may appeal more than LBP to the adventure playing individuals, but as LBP can also have adventure levels made in it it also captures at least a portion of that market as well. So long as LBP has a more mass appeal than any other game it will be hard pressed for any other game to truly compete with it for GOTY. This is why it is such an appealing game, and why I believe it will be game of the year.

Edit: update, I really hadn't explored this, before, but it turns out that Cnet BOUGHT ZDnet back in 2000. That being the case between the above article and this one: I feel confident in saying that Cnet is under at least a bit of influence from Microsoft.

Bnet3433653d ago

Microsoft doesn't own CNET yet more then half of the people here agree with him. Seriously lame, take it to the open zone.

SuperM3653d ago

All i can say is its gonna be a tight race for GOTY 2008.

GTA4, MGS4 and LBP are already certain to be GOTY contenders. Gears 2 will most likely be another contender for GOTY and i have a strong feeling Resistance 2 is going to be up there aswell because it is looking mighty fine. Now thats 5 contenders right there. And the critics seem to love Fallout 3 aswell so thats probably GOTY contender even though its not my kind of game. And then you have all the outsiders including Far Cry 2, Prinse of Persia, CoD: WaW and Mirrors Edge. And Fable seems to be getting great scores aswell. I probably have forgotten a couple of games aswell.

Anyway, its going to be a interesting to see which game snatches the most rewards. I think MGS4 probably deserves it the most, its just simply a masterpiece of a game. LBP too ofcourse since it is so different from everything else. But its impossible to say that now before we see what the other games have to offer.

Homicide3653d ago

LittleBigPlanet has been raping Fable II in reviews.

pixelsword3653d ago

...whilst mocking PS3 owners for looking forward to Killzone 2.

mikeslemonade3653d ago

There's more anticipated exclusives coming out PS3. Fable II techinically is the only innovative game coming out on 360 anytime soon.

shovelbum3653d ago

It has potential since it appeals to a wide variety of gamers but I am betting on Fallout 3 to take GOTY.

Sayai jin3653d ago

You are wrong my friend. CNET is owned by CBS Corp.

wallace10003652d ago

Lord Shuhei Yoshida is right, CBS owns CNET. No more crying foul about MS influence now when a story comes from cnet that you don't like.

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Nineball21123653d ago

It's ol' Don Reisinger from again. Why am I not surprised?

"I may be going out on a limb here considering Little Big Planet, Far Cry 2, and countless other titles will be hitting store shelves over the the next few months..." - Don Reisinger

Yeah, I'd say you're going out on a limb and more than likely that limb will be cut out from underneath you.

I'm sure Fable 2 will be a great game and will sell tons of copies, but I think the competition from LBP, Resistance 2, and Gears 2 will be too much for this game to get GOTY.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3653d ago

Not to mention GTA4 and MGS4 are still heavy contenders

Nineball21123653d ago

Yeah! You're right... I wasn't even considering those two games either.

Yeah, I can't see Fable 2 getting GOTY.

GiantEnemyCrab3653d ago

Nineball how far are you into Fable 2?

Just wondering.

Because unless you played it I would say you have no idea what your talking about enough to say it's GOTY material or not.

Figboy3653d ago

i'm about 15+ hours into Fable 2, an no, it's not Game of the Year material.

it's a good game. very enjoyable, but flawed.

the only two games that i've played (and beaten), that i consider to be true GOTY this year are MGS4 and Little Big Planet.

i'll probably be getting my hands on Fallout 3 this week, and eventually i'll get Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia, and Resistance 2, which are other games i think could be GOTY contenders (i'd add Gears of War 2 also, but it seems so much like the original, but with improved lighting, that i don't know if reviewers/gaming media, will be as foaming at the mouth about it as they were the first, the reason why Resistance 2 is on the list, is because it's going above and beyond what the original did, and what other FPS titles before it has done in terms of feature set and ambition; 60 player online, 8 player co-op, etc).

the competition for GOTY 2008 is stiff, but i just don't think Fable 2 is in the same caliber.

now, if you're going with Xbox 360 EXCLUSIVE game of the year, then sure, Fable 2 may have a shot, though i think Gears 2 will take it. Infinite Undiscovery was received pretty well, but i haven't played it myself to make an opinion.

my PS3 GOTY would be Little Big Planet, or MGS4. then again, those two may be my overall GOTY, but there are still two solid months of quality game releases coming before i make my final declarations.

Nineball21123653d ago

Yeah, you have a point.

I haven't played any of it, so take my opinion on this for what it's worth. I'm basing my opinion on the many reviews that have been written for both games and the general gamer consensus.

I guess we'll both see when that award is given, eh? I don't think I'll be wrong, but I've been wrong before.

SuperM3653d ago

I just hope GTA4 snatch alot of awards. That is actually the game ive played the least of all my games. It was good, high production value and all that, but i really felt it missed something. It was way overrated and i hope the journalists realize that.

I have this strange feeling that Resistance2 is going to blow our heads off though. I think its going to be better then what people think and might become atleast best shooter of the year.

thebudgetgamer3653d ago

technically it was one of the best games i have ever played but when you loose that fun factor it hurts more

but yea theres alot of games that will be contending for gtoy

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jmcorp3653d ago

of course fable 2 will be GOTY, seeing as you have played those other games your obviously in the best position to judge...

what a tosser.

Emmo3653d ago

I am very excited about this game, I really hope it is as good as the hype.