Meet Mr Nintendo

Channel 4 news: He's been called the Steven Spielberg of the video games, who first created Nintendo's trademark Donkey Kong and Mario more than 25 years ago.

Now, Shigero Miyamoto has attacked the increased use of violence in video games saying developers should be using other ways of attracting players.

His comments came on a visit to the UK for the launch of a new game which he believes will be a success despite fears of an economic downturn.

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shadowghost7523747d ago

Madworld? ---> not violent? Hypocrite

ChickeyCantor3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Where did he say they should be banned, he is just saying that developers should look for other ways to attract people.
He isn't saying it isn't welcome on their system.
( they have parental lock now xD)

He is not against freedom of expression.
I think what he is trying to is like Wii-music, stimulate younger gamers to actually grow an interest in something. or something along those lines.

He isn't bashing violent games, but when was the last time he made a game full of gore?