Star Wars fans only want to be the number one Star Wars fan, says EA’s Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond, boss of EA's Motive studios, talks about studio pitches and how fans want to be the number one Star Wars fan.

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124d ago
CorndogBurglar124d ago

No. Star Wars fans are like any other fans. They want to enjoy their favorite franchise. Period.

But when it becomes hard to enjoy the franchise in multiple forms of media (The Last Jedi, Solo, Battlefront games) it becomes hard not to complain.

(I personally enjoyed The Last Jedi but I completely understand why people may not have.)

The 10th Rider124d ago

Yeah, I think Disney would have no problem righting the franchise after The Last Jedi . . . except they decided to dismiss everyone that doesn't like it.

Simply acknowledging that there's substantial group of people that dislike where the franchise is headed and saying that they're taking the feedback into consideration and looking into offering experiences for all fans to enjoy would have gone a long way. Instead they just act like it's a small hate group on the internet that dislikes it and it's only further entrenched the widespread disatisfaction for where they've gone with things.

There's people out there who still think Episode 9 is a lock for being successful, but with such widespread dislike for where Disney has gone, the utter dismissal of any complaints, the core three OT characters gone, and other studios realizing (after Jumanji going against The Last Jedi and Solo bombing) that they can compete with Star Wars at the box office and win, I wouldn't be shocked to see Episode 9 struggle. They've also killed any hype on the video game front by signing with EA, butchering Battlefront, and killing off Visceral Games and their project . . . capped off with Amy Henning leaving Respawn's project. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the franchise if Episode 9 doesn't do well.

annoyedgamer124d ago

The film that came out after (Solo) flopped. And of course they doubled down saying people are bored of "white men" instead of acknowleging their films are trash.

rainslacker124d ago

Anyone who thinks that Disney will listen and won't run the franchise into the ground is deluding themselves.

Disney cares about the money, not the fans. The main films are making a buttload of money, and it's unlikely they're going to change routes because there is a vocal group of fans complaining.

I empathize with the fans, but reality is against their plight.

CorndogBurglar123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

You're probably right. There are a lot of vocal people that hated TLJ. But there are also a lot of people that liked it. I also think it's silly for Disney to make any snap judgements based off of the failure of a spinoff film that no one asked for or wanted to begin with.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Episode 9, sales-wise. If it still does gangbusters in sales then why would Disney change anything? That would just prove they still have a successful franchise.

rainslacker123d ago

I liked TLG well enough. It had some things I think they could have left out, and focused more on other things. The sub plots in these films are pretty pointless being the big thing.

Sales wise, i think episode 9 will do fine. Despite all these fans being pissed off, they're likely still going to go see it, and it will probably still net plenty of profit at the box office, not to mention the added revenue from all the merchandising sales.

But if Disney intends to release a movie every year,, then the stories are going to get old, and people are going to grow tired of the franchise. It's one thing to have all these different mediums offering up smaller things for the The Clone Wars for's quite another to have a high budget Hollywood movie every year. Even the Marvel universe movies get tiresome after a while.

BlackDoomAx121d ago

It's the fans that spend the more money.

rainslacker121d ago


I'm aware. But at the same time, those fans are likely to keep spending money. Not all the time....Solo took a drop in box office returns for instance, but Star Wars fans are quite devoted. Even if they don't like the new stuff they're likely to still spend money on it.

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Hungryalpaca124d ago

Um. What? Star Wars fans just want the games to be good...not predatory, not cheaply made, not skimping on content...good. What doesn’t Ea understand about this?

annoyedgamer124d ago

They understand but they prefer to say the fans are stupid. EA had Dice do it whrn fans were asking for Bad Company 3 and Dice came out with "fans don't know what they want". Most people wanted to say Dice was behind it but I knew this was the EA plants at the studio talking.

TheGoodestBoi124d ago

No, I want to be your number 1 man

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