Gravity Rush 2 Players Start Another Campaign To Keep Sony From Closing The Game's Servers

The fight to keep Gravity Rush 2 online wages onwards, with one final push as the shutdown looms close.

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Pantz193d ago

can't cross play and now just flat out can't play

AspiringProGenji193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Except This isn’t an MP game so it can be played offline, but they should keep the online features for longer. Treasure hunts are a fun distraction

BlackRaven85_1193d ago

Except, one little detail you forgot to mention. Those tokens you get playing the treasure hunt is the only way currently you could get the extra costumes. As minor as that might sound that is a feature that they are taking away, so while you can play it offline you won't be getting the full experience.

Teflon02193d ago

2 costumes and one is from the old game. Not really a big deal lol

AspiringProGenji193d ago

They can easily give those costumes you get with the tokens for free bro. Is that what he calls ‘can’t flat out play”? Lol

doggo84193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Ha, look at this.

Rather just shut up, because gravity rush 2 is better than anything on your useless box. Just another reason why Ps4 is the best.

SickSinceSix193d ago

You'd think all our PS Plus money could keep a Sony exclusives online aspect alive, but I guess not.

SilverDemon193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Since not alot of people play it and you can fully play the game without it(the online features are basically sharing photos and player made side quests) why would they keep it running??

Also, it's not a Sony thing. Project spark says hi

SickSinceSix193d ago

Except it is a Sony thing since it's a Sony exclusive, project spark has nothing to do with this.

SilverDemon193d ago

My point was. Every publisher do this with games that aren't very successful

Evolve(2k). Lawbreakers (nexon) and project spark (Microsoft)
So this is done by a lot of publishers

Majinzo193d ago

This pisses me off. I never played this game but that’s just bs for any player committed to this game and those trying to get the trophies.

Teflon02193d ago

Trophies? We're trophies tied to it? I really don't recall any being so. I remember doing the online hunts just to get the kat 1.0 costume at 5k.or whatever. Ended up getting maybe 14k now? Lol

Toiletsteak193d ago

I picked this game up 2 days ago. Is there Trophies for the online part?

BlackRaven85_1193d ago

No. There's a treasure hunt for tokens in multiplayer that are used for purchasing mp-exclusive costumes.

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