Why 'AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack' Is Wal-Mart Only And Not DLC (For Now)

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"The reason "AC/DC Live" can't be purchased at your local EB Games or Best Buy is because of the deal that AC/DC had already struck with Wal-Mart as an exclusive distributor of their upcoming album, "Black Ice." The negotiations with AC/DC over the track pack required that Harmonix become part of the existing Wal-Mart agreement."

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nice_cuppa3653d ago

so only in america to then !

FreestyleBarnacle3653d ago

Lawyers. Ruining everything for the rest of us one contract at a time.

slugg3652d ago

I work at Gamestop, and its all about pushing and pimping Guitar Hero world tour. When people ask us about this, we are instructed to claim ignorance since we are not about to send customers to a competitor. My friend who works at Best Buy tells people who ask him that it is just confusion-- the album is available only at wal-mart, but the AC DC tracks will eventually be DLC. With all the other games coming out in November, I think this one will get lost in the shuffle....

Lord_Ash3652d ago

If that's the way AC/DC wants it, then thy can play it them selves, I'm better spending the $40 on 2 albums or 30+ songs through DLC.