Nathan Fillion Is Teasing Something Related to Uncharted

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill: Nathan Fillion is teasing something related to Uncharted on his personal Instagram. Approximately 19 hours ago, on July 11, Nathan Fillion took to his personal Instagram to post a picture of the rapper Drake with the caption “Sic Parvis Magna” and the date, July 16, 2018.

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-Foxtrot1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

I'm hoping they've scrapped the prequel version with Tom Holland, it would be a waste to see Fillion finally in the role but it's just for small adult Drake parts of the film. No one asked for a prequel at the end of the day and Tom Holland, with everything I've seen him in could not pull Drake off at all.

Although I see don'tg understand why they don't get Nolan especially since Nolan is roughly the same age as Fillion, sure he's not as well known but...come on, he IS Drake. Then they can get Emily and Richard to play their roles aswell.

It's Sony Pictures, I'm sure being a part of Sony they could give him a chance with how much he brought to the franchise with his portrayal as Nathan Drake. All they need is for the villains to be played by big name actors for star power when it comes to the trails, Roman, Navarro and Eddie Raja. Remember 28 Weeks Later with Robert Carlyle in the all the marketing and trailers? Yeah we all know what happened there.

Elwenil1789d ago

Eh, if Fillion gets the part, I will not watch it. He may be the favorite of a lot of people but he is in reality a horrible B-movie actor that can only do one character and he does it in everything he is in. In my opinion, acting ability and charisma should be more important than the physical resemblance to Nathan Drake.

fei-hung1789d ago

Well Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds in every film, but deadpool was a success because of it.

Nathan Fillion behaved like Nathan Fillion before Uncharted. People who have watched Firefly and Serenity probably saw more of Nathan Fillion in Drake than the other way around.

Jaqen_Hghar1788d ago

a man agrees. An actor hasn't ever impressed a man with his performances and quite frankly a man cannot understand why fans want an actor who is much too old to be starting a franchise to be Drake. A man would rather Bradley Cooper or Chris Pratt or a gazillion other stubbly charismatic actors play drake before that old guy

starchild1788d ago

I've always thought Nathan Fillion would be perfect for the role. Not just because of a resemblance in looks and physical build, but because his character, Malcom Reynolds, in Firefly was so similar in personality to Nathan Drake. When I played Uncharted Drake's Fortune I couldn't help but notice how similar Nathan Drake's personality was to Mal Reynolds and how similar he looked too.

Nathan Fillion has loads of charisma. And he's a great actor, in my opinion.

Nathan Drake is getting older in the games and I think they could make a great movie with a somewhat older, more mature Drake. I would rather see a continuation of his adventures than a typical origins story with a young Drake.

Christopher1788d ago

Nathan Fillion would have been great for it, 20 years ago.

starchild1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )


Yeah, he wouldn't work for an origins story like the movie is supposed to be. But Nathan Fillion is around the same age as Nathan Drake currently is in Uncharted 4, so I definitely think Fillion could play Drake in something like a tv/streaming series or movie that takes place after the events of Uncharted 4.

thejigisup1788d ago

If I could channel Kanye West and interrupt you mid comment I would have. Nathan Fillion best played drake before the thought of a film based on around uncharted was thought of.

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Skankinruby1789d ago

^^^This, Tom Holland is horrible

ShadowWolf7121788d ago

Idk about that, but your opinions sure are.

JimmyDM901789d ago

Watch him be Sully to Tom Holland's young Drake.

Cajun Chicken1788d ago

There's no reason why Fillon and Holland can't BOTH be Drake thanks to the magic of flashback storytelling.

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porkChop1789d ago

Bruh, this better be legit. He's the perfect choice for Drake. While I'd love a film, I'd actually rather a show on Netflix or Amazon. Every season could be a new adventure.

Rimeskeem1789d ago

I'm thinking maybe a series sort of like Sherlock. Long episodes on certain high profile treasures/myths. I would binge for sure.

81BX1789d ago

That would be dope AF

spicelicka1789d ago

That would actually be way better! Unless some worthy high profile director is willing to take the movie it would just turn out to be another mediocre action flick like the Tomb raider movie. I'd much rather watch a series.

AspiringProGenji1789d ago

He is too out of shape for the role

nveenio1789d ago

They get people in shape for film all the time.

RabbitFly1789d ago

Nathan Fillion is famous for trolling his fans. Move along.

Chumdiddy1789d ago

Funny how he was the first name mentioned years ago, he then fell out of favor for the role and now it's him again...all while he always claimed to want the role.

Hollywood is weird.

81BX1789d ago

Please be a lunch box thermal set!!!!

MoonConquistador1789d ago

Lol stop fanning the flames of hype and getting people's expectations aroused

81BX1788d ago

Lol. I'm all in on anything uncharted related

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