Why it's Okay That Venom Won't Appear in the New Spider-Man Game

While it is disheartening that Venom won't make an appearance in the new Spider-Man game, it is not the end of the world.

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DivineAssault 1075d ago

Ill still be playing it but if theres a sequel, Venom better be in it. W the PS5 theres absolutely no reason why he cant be in it. Venom is a staple and has been in Spider Man games since the first one i played in the arcades.

ptownjbo1075d ago

Playable character 3/4 through the game. Bet.

Christopher1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Not likely. This is a Sinister Six game. If Venom is at all in it, he's not being played, he's being fought. Highly doubt he's even in the game, though, as he's perfect for a sequel while they do the old school villains in the first.

DivineAssault 1075d ago

I like what youre preaching but not until the sequel. They confirmed multiple times there wont be any symbiotes in this one. Swinging through San Fransisco sounds really cool as Venom. Eating brains would be even cooler

Pennywise1381074d ago

Since this game is a sort of take on sinister 6 I'd love for the sequel to be a take on maximum carnage.

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CorndogBurglar1074d ago

He wouldn't work better as the primary antagonist of a game.

Venom isn't even really a villain, except when dealing with Spider-Man. Any other time he's an anti-hero with a strange moral compass.

A primary antagonist needs to be someone with some ki2nd of a master plan other than "kill Spider-Man". There's no story there. It needs to be someone threatening the city or world as a whole. And that isn't Venom.

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