Octopath Traveler: The Kotaku Review

Eight people gather in a tavern, swapping stories and preparing for adventure. It’s not clear why they’re traveling together—there’s a pious cleric and a murderous dancer in this odd crew—but they’ve united nonetheless.

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Myst-Vearn102d ago

That read like a 5/10 review. I know that reviewer also HATED Xenoblade 2 so maybe he just doesn't like JRPGs..

kevnb102d ago

Mainstream reviews for jrpgs are normally worthless.

rainslacker102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Kotaku reviews on JRPG's, and most Otaku style games are always worthless. Kind of strange from a site that got it's start by being all about the niche Japanese game market. This happened because the original site that spurned it was struggling to go anywhere, so it became more of a specific type of game site that offered content that wasn't being focused on at other sites anymore due to the rise of the western dev.

The name of their site even translates into "Small Otaku", with Otaku being someone who is really invested into the Japanese fandom scene, with an emphasis on Japanese media such as anime, which was later expanded to include games of an anime nature.

now, they're just a glorified blog site with terrible editorial standards, and focus more on pushing political, agendas than delivering actual news. They're basically the Fox News of the gaming world.

indyman7777102d ago

You guys are both right. Some people should NOT review JRPG's. A tell tell sign is if a person complains about what usually makes up JRPG' the type....not dark and distrubing enoug....charactors settings.....turn based. Maybe they dont have a JRPG lover on site?

joab777102d ago

Everyone loves this game except me lol! Because I can’t play it and want to so badly. I’m gonna grab it anyway and pick at it b/c this game looks so damn good!

The 10th Rider102d ago

Seems really weird. They say they played through every character's story and beat the game and it only took 36 hours? That can't be right, as there's 8 different stories. You'd have to be able to play through each characters story in less than five hours. Considering in the demo you were able to play for three hours, someone would have been able to skip cutscenes and get pretty dang close to the end of a single character's story. I wonder if they mean they played through once as a single character and did the prologues and stuff of the other characters? Other reviewers said they played longer than that while only getting through half of the characters' stories.

Either way the game looks great and the overall reception is good. Can't wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow!

Razmiran102d ago

Every other reviewer is talking about 50-65 hours, that makes it strange

edeprez102d ago

It's out of the ordinary, but I don't take Jason as a liar. He is fairly well respected and trusted in the industry. He does explain himself in the comment section, like some other reviewers not even knowing about the fast travel system til very late in the game, among other reasons.

The 10th Rider101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Yeah, I'm aware of his background and I'm inclined to believe he's telling the truth. I'm also not trying to attack him or anything. It just seems a little weird and I think there must be a little something different to his playthrough compared to others.

Each character has 4 chapters. The demo chapters seemed to take about 1-2 hours each. With 8 characters that would be 32-64 hours just to play through the chapters. Plus any grinding if necessary (which he said it was) and the side content (of which there's at least "four super hard bosses"). I'm thinking maybe he played through all the chapter 1's in the demo and then went ahead and skipped the dialogue for them when playing the review copy? That could easily cut around 8 hours out of the playtime.

I also think he's playing through all the stories on just one file, whereas other reviewers are talking about playing through as each character from the beginning. It's also possible playing through as each character from the beginning is how it's meant to play. It seems to me that would mitigate the grind as you wouldn't have to level up every single character in a single file, and instead you'd be leveling up your characters you decide to play as as you continue through the story, feeling more natural and less like "Well, now I have to go back and get this character to lvl. 30".

I saw his comment saying that it might be other reviewers missing fast travel, but I don't really think that's the case. There's no way so many experienced video game players are overlooking such a core feature to a game. There'd be a lot more reviews complaining about having to run around if they didn't realize there was fast travel.

Rachel_Alucard101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

He admitted on tuesday he had only beaten 1 story and the guy who told everyone to stay skeptical of the review got blocked by him after calling him out. This dude somehow played the whole game in 2 days

DJK1NG_Gaming102d ago

JRPG these days are to complex for the media.
The only way they will give 9 or 10 and have the metacritc be above 90. Is for it to be simple to learn and nothing else.
Only one recently that is too simple by JRPG standard when it come to the learning curve in the battle system or mechanics is Persona 5 since all you need to learn is the enemies weakness that it.

Christopher102d ago

I think this is a cop out argument when I think many JRPGs are nostalgic but have old methods of item management and character management that is a chore and not otherwise challenging. Having to find and cook meat to heal and constantly sharpen weapons doesn't make it 'too complex' it makes it a chore.

indyman7777102d ago

Yeah just like many shooters are nostalgic (call of duty). People love it. It depends on what you like, Trails of cold steel not like that at all. Same battle system. Having everything done for you (some people dont like the drive through and would rather cook their own food and ENJOY it).

Sirk7x101d ago

You ragging on Monster Hunter core mechanics? xD

Christopher101d ago

***You ragging on Monster Hunter core mechanics? xD***

It's a recent example for me. I don't mind that people like it, but don't act as if I'm stupid just because I don't want to put up with those mechanics. I tried it because my friends love and play it. Me, I just could not get into it. It felt archaic to me as far as game design for that sort of stuff. Maybe I just haven't clung to the type of mechanics I played in the 80s/90s like others. They're not bad, but for me, they're a chore when I could be focused way more on combat rather than management of gear.

The 10th Rider101d ago

To be fair though Xenoblade has fared quite well with reviewers and that game has a ton of systems and things too learn. It's not even remotely simple.

TricksterArrow102d ago

He's argument is actually quite solid if you favor story above all else. I mean, this is supposed to be a game about 8 characters coming together, but if they hardly interact... That being said I played the demo, and I'm getting this anyways.