Xbox One S, Xbox One X Will Receive Dolby Vision Support‎

A much-requested feature over the years, Microsoft is finally making plans to add Dolby Vision support to its Xbox One series. The feature is currently with Xbox Insiders as part of the upcoming System Update 1810. It will only be added to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X though. 

Dolby Vision will be a strong upgrade over the current HDR10 format, providing 12-bit colour depth support. Once it lands for the above consoles, they will be the only devices along with Apple TV 4K and Google Chromecast to support Dolby Vision.‎

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fathertime4464101d ago

Perfect! I hear it's better and my tv supports both

One-Shot101d ago

okay...and what does that have to do with this?

ThinkThink101d ago

This is dobly vision not dolby atmos

yeahright2101d ago

Don't be too hard on yourself, I thought the same thing at first glance.

Skull521101d ago

Sweet I got a TV that supports this, nothing but great news out of Microsoft!

Da12RespectA100d ago

Pure Comedy!!!!!!😂😂 😂😂😂 8514;

DigitalHope100d ago


What tv do you have?

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Obscure_Observer101d ago

The good news won´t stop comming! Proud Xbox One X owner here! Great job Xbox Team!

Razzer101d ago

“It will only be added to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X though. “

What is the reason for this again?

Immorals101d ago

HDR isn't supported on older xbox ones

Razzer101d ago

Yes, I know. I’m asking why.

2pacalypsenow101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I don't think MS has disclosed why the original Xbox 1 doesn't support HDR.

Goldby101d ago


Hard to sell a free feature when they can promote the one s and get another sale under their belt

343_Guilty_Spark101d ago

It’s likely a chipset limitation for older X1

2pacalypsenow101d ago


I believe the vanilla PS4 and Xbox 1 have the same HDMI so they should both support HDR, only the vanilla Ps4 does tho.

KickSpinFilter101d ago

No it's internals can not support HDR.

101d ago
Bruh100d ago

Internals, the HDMI spec on the OG Xbox Ones are not up to par to deliver HDR @ 60Hz at a full 10 bit rate

nitus10100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

There are two major types of HDR (High Dynamic Range). The first being HDR10 which is a free format and is supported by pretty much all major UHD TV brands and the second is the proprietary Dolby Vision of which all manufacturers of UHDTV's have to pay a royalty to support.

BTW. There are other HDR's but the two I have mentioned are the most common.

RedDevils100d ago Show
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2pacalypsenow101d ago

It will add Dolby vision support for streaming shows that support Dolby Vison HDR.

BigWan78101d ago

original launch xbox one units dont meet the required hdmi spec to support pass through for hrd/dolby vision.

Goldby101d ago

It has the same hdmi specs as the ps4. Which had HDR added after the fact.

MS just wanted one more reason for people to upgrade.

DJStotty101d ago


what does HDMI version have to do with HDR?

2pacalypsenow101d ago



Since HDMI 2.0 is required to use HDR.

BigWan78100d ago

@Goldby ... actually Sony used better HDMI spec in the PS4...

Microsoft only gave you the HDMI cable that met hdmi spec, but not the actual port...

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fathertime4464101d ago

Because the original wasn't designed for it. Hence why they no longer manufacture that model .
Why you keep asking why? I mean it common sense and knowledge as to why

Razzer101d ago

Wasn’t designed for it? Based on what? Do you have some information are you just bullshitting? You are obviously bothered by the fact that I even asked the question.

101d ago
fathertime4464101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Yeah beacause they actually stated when they announced the xbox one s that part of the increase in the CPU and the tweaks to ram bandwidth was for the soul purpose of having hdr.
Also the ps4 had 2.1 compliant 2.0 hdmi ports and the original xbox did not.
The xbox one was never designed for 4k support or hdr support of any kind while the ps4 was.
Maybe you should educate yourself and actually learn why the oh ps4 can do hdr? If you were to do that you would also get all the information you need so that you can understand why the og x1 can not.
P.s. I did my research, not my jo. To do yours for you. This is a forum not a school

Razzer100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Dude....stop. While you were whining about the fact that I dare even asked the question, other people answered it.

"P.s. I did my research, not my jo. To do yours for you. This is a forum not a school"

Good. Then no one needs to bother about your typing/spelling/grammar or whatever the hell is going on with your idiotic posts.

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rainslacker101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

The HDMI control chip in the OG systems don't meet the standards of HDCP2.2. They had exposed pins which was added to the spec after the systems were manufactured. The OG systems could support the format for content that doesn't actually use HDCP copy protection though, but for movies or other content that have HDCP, it wouldn't work. Sony's original control chip supported the HDR10 standard,and probably even DV but lacked the necessary HDCP standards to enable it to be used for protected content. Games themselves don't use the standard though.

As far as the OGX1 not supporting HDR10 I think its a limitation of the HDMI controller chip not having the proper hardware enabled or included. That's the prevailing theory anyways. Nothing is listed in the spec sheets to explain it, but at the time of both systems release, the HDR format was still kind of up in the air, and its the same reason a lot of people that brought 4K electronics before 2014 ended up having devices which weren't fully capable of handling what UHD could offer.

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conanlifts100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

The original Xbox One has a 1.4 HDMI port and the S and X would have a HDMI 2.0 port. 1.4 is limited to 8 bit colour, whereas 2.0 is capable of 12-bit.

RedDevils100d ago

It mean, MS says F U to all early adopters. So be sure next time to wait before you buy any Xbox, so we won't F U all over again.

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2pacalypsenow101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Only for Streaming though :/

No 4k UHD support.

Razzer101d ago

Guessing that would require newer hardware?

2pacalypsenow101d ago

No, it would just require a firmware update.

Wikkid666101d ago

This is for Insiders at this time.... so they could easily add additional support for it in the future.

MAULxx100d ago

That requires hardware compatibility and licensing.

DigitalHope100d ago

MAULxx is right. It’s impressive that XBox can add Dolby Vision support for streaming but to be able to do it for 4K UHD would require licensing and the Dolby Vision chipset. But guaranteed this is a huge step for getting Dolby Vision in the next Xbox.

Wish my PS4 Pro would add this support!

ninsigma101d ago

Dolby Vision is great so that's a nice bonus!

101d ago