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"God of War is a masterpiece. It's bold, ambitious and powerful. God of War is not only a Game of the Year Contender but a game that will stand among other classics"

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Ninja_Ryu102d ago

One of the best exclusives I've played this generation

AspiringProGenji102d ago

Simply the best game in the series! Is because this kind of titles i love the video games.
Unbelievable fun combat mechanics, addictive progression (thought it could also use some improvements), outstanding narrative, great story, stunning graphics. 10/10 in my book!

doggo84102d ago

What would you improve with the Combat?

Goldby102d ago

only thing i would improve for combat would be more visual indications on kratos and atreus incase you are playign without hud, and more animations for stun grabs and when kratos dies

mockzer0101d ago

I think he was saying the progression system could use some improvements, not the combat.

TheRealHeisenberg102d ago

I agree 100%. The story kept me hooked and the side missions were outstanding. I'm closing in on the platinum trophy; it will be my first ever.

Goldby102d ago

what a platinum to go for.

Infamous SS and Diablo 3 are pretty easy to get too

capjacksparrow101d ago

My favorite game this gen so far. Loved it. One of the few improvements I would do to the combat is make it easier to swap weapons, and be able to do so more fluidly. It was definitely the best in the series from many angles. Loved it.

Hardiman101d ago

An absolute masterpiece! A game you must play! It's even better if you've played the original trilogy because those games are felt by Kratos in this game. My jaw was on thd floor during the final battle!