Level7 reviews Fable 2

The slovakian website has reviewed Fable 2.

"I had that said to me difficult to determine a final grade. One minute, the bugs and the constant charging times me irritated and impatient. The next moment I enjoyed in peace and quiet of the writ.In the end it decided the document and the atmosphere to the game's advantage. "

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elshimiablo3747d ago

as soon as the 2 reviews in pending are published the review average will come down to 85%
So it is not an AAA but a flop

bouncybullet3747d ago

The 9.5 from OXM was never put into the meta on this site because of the source being a blog.

So, yeah.

Not entirely accurate.

N4G is last place to go for Meta scores.

GiantEnemyCrab3747d ago

"N4G is last place to go for Meta scores."

Quoted for truth. Never will N4G meta data be taken seriously.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3747d ago

Level 7 is counted in Metacritic...

elshimiablo3747d ago

It is counted at metacritic

Zerodin3747d ago

Then I can believe the user rating on LBP.
Good to know! WOW LBP is garbage.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3747d ago


Yeah but your delusional beyond help.We dont really care for what you think

bouncybullet3747d ago

So are all of the other sites that gave it 9.5's.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3747d ago


Pfft thats ok.360 doesn't have a exclusive AAA games besides Braid and Fable 2.Consider this your last victory before the onslaught of a true next-gen RPG arrives

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LeonSKennedy4Life3747d ago


The game isn't going to flop. Everybody is going to buy it and everyone will enjoy it...or tell us they do, even if they don't. Halo 3 was trash, but everyone said they loved it...remember?

bouncybullet3747d ago


The thought process of a Sony Fanboy.

Imallvol73747d ago

Going to pick this up and make up my own mind. Seems to be generally favorable. I think the commercials do a good job of getting people interested.

SL1M DADDY3747d ago

The reviews would seem to be slanted more towards the idea that this game might be a game for the fans and to me, that is fine since I loved the fist one. It's like what happened to MGS4, it's a game that will deliver for those that loved Fable but for those that did not, they will give it the old "ho-hum".

bouncybullet3747d ago

The storytelling and humor Hugely rely upon the brilliant voice work in Fable 2.

I wouldn't enjoy a game that was completely in German as much as a German speaking gamer.

One of the reasons games like Zelda, LittleBigPlanet and any other game without voicework are universal as Funk.

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