Metal Gear Solid V: The Misunderstood Entry

Thinking The Phantom Pain is incomplete, though is a reaction to a game trying something new. Whether MGS V is successful is left up to the individual.

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2pacalypsenow125d ago

Nah, it was just a shi** MGS solid game.

-Foxtrot125d ago


Yet despite this reviewers ate it up and made it out to be a top end, perfect game when it wasn't. They just didn't want to disrespect Kojima or something especially after the Konami breakup.

The only thing it did better then previous main entry MGS games was the graphics and animations, the usual standard for sequels compared to their previous entries.

The world was boring, bland, lifeless
Motherbase upgrading was lacking
Snake had devolved as a character (I know the twist but still)
The twist it's self
Sutherland replacing Hayter along (Kojimas obsession with Hollywood)
No epic memorable boss fights
The story didn't live up to the MGS standards, it felt like a forced entry we didn't need

In the end this game could have been condensed into the games first act, like a prolouge and the rest of the game should have been a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake to bring the game full circle.

Goldby124d ago

Because of the twist, Sutherland never replaced hayter

FullmetalRoyale124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Yes. He did.
Everytime somebody uses that argument, it makes me think they just read about the ending, instead of actually playing it.
There are multiple times in the game where David Hayter SHOULD have been used, going along with you argue. Main character twist be damned, Big Boss was in fact in MGS V.

KyRo124d ago

Yep. That first hour in the hospital was a true MGS game which everyone seems to disagree with me on and as soon as you're off the helicopter and put in the desert it became a boring, mundane experience which felt more like a UBI game than a Kojima game.

lociefer124d ago

Exactly, i'm glad im not the only one feeling that way, the gameplay was good, but it was in no way shape or form a true metal gear solid game, "lackluster" would be doing its story a favor.

And that ending was a true slap on the face, it totally contradicts the whole game's premise.

Name Last Name124d ago

I am still pissed at this game's story. Biggest letdown in my gaming life.

stefan_771123d ago

Agreed. The story and structure were absolutely terrible

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Iltapalanyymi124d ago

nah, just thinking about it makes it upset

124d ago
HeisenbergX124d ago

One of the best games of this generation and one of my fav

BrianOBlivion123d ago

I also agree. I spent months playing it. Brilliant game and my favourite in the series.

Mr Marvel124d ago

MGSV is by far the best MGS game imo.
The gameplay is masterful.
I don’t play MGS games for the story as I have no f-king idea what’s going on anyway.

Name Last Name124d ago

Damn, some people really play MGS without enjoying its masterful story

Johnyra124d ago

I enjoyed the past games more but i have to admit that my favourite mgs was phantom pain.It always made me feel like i'm a super agent because i wasn't restricted by a more linear story

shaggy2303124d ago

@Mr Marvel

It was a great game, but masterful? No.

The entire third act (Or was it the second.....can't remember) was just rehashed missions from previous ones, just made slightly harder.

I mean the mission ever you rescued Kojima made no sense the second time because he was already back on Motherbase.

I get the feeling somebody involved with the game wanted it to be extended and they couldn't work out how to without drastically changing the story. Do they did a rush job and just reused old mission.

Snookies12124d ago

The story MIXED with stealth gameplay has always been two halves of what make Metal Gear Solid so amazing. Losing its story half left the game a shell of its former glory. The gameplay was amazing, but I just couldn't bring myself to get very far without a driving story experience. Especially when the trailers seemed so story heavy, it was like a bait and switch.

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