The Rise and Fall and Rise of The Platformer

In the video game industry's 30+ years, no genre has been as influential - or forgotten - as the platformer. Let's dive into this genre's history!

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lxeasy100d ago

Platformers are once again on a rise thanks to stellar games like shovel night, Cuphead, Ori etc...

Christopher100d ago

Cuphead isn't a platformer...

EDKICK100d ago

Yes it is. Or is Mega Man not either oh wait it is as well. Games can be multiple genres.

PhoenixUp100d ago

“In their current state, triple-A platformers are at an all-time low – the only developer that seriously devotes time and resources to platformers anymore is Nintendo.”

Nintendo isn’t the only publisher that makes AAA platformers nowadays

Loadedklip100d ago

Would help if you name the others. I love tons of indie action/platformers like Ori, Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, Guacamelee. Have to try out Celeste.

Who are the AAA big budget studios making the other outstanding platformers?
Sega's best in years is Sonic Mania which is kinda like an indie game they published.

DivineAssault 100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Im getting two this month. Although they arent "NEW", i believe supporting them will encourage devs to keep pumping them out. Mania plus and MMX collection are great platformers. I like indies but would like to see more AAA devs revive them like capcom is doing with MM11

oasdada100d ago

Try hollownight too.. One of the best games ive played last year