GTA 5's Monumental Success Will Mark Rockstar's Future Games

GTA BOOM opines "Rockstar Games is in a situation that few developers wouldn't want to be in. They have a "problem" in that one of their games is so incredibly successful that their future, also poised to be successful, games may not match it"

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FallenAngel1984101d ago

The bigger issue should be how Rockstar being the big publisher that they are still haven’t released a new non remastered game thus far in the 8th gen. Even after RDR2 comes out we don’t know what other game they’ll release next year or whatever.

You’d expect this thing from a developer, but Rockstar is more than just a developer. They are a huge publisher, and I’ve never seen a publisher of this size not release a lot of new games in the entire generation. They didn’t even bother trying to outsource some games this gen like they did with LA Noire last gen.

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