Gamer (dutch) reviews Fable 2

Gamer has posted their Fable 2 review

"Fable 2 is struggling with some minor flaws. So what syrupy steering feel and the hero does not yet have the smallest stone steps going. Also jumping does not belong to his arsenal of possibilities. This makes navigating off the beaten track a bit tricky and you get into fights sometimes stuck between small objects and your enemy. "

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elshimiablo5221d ago

poor MS and Peter Moylneaux

GiantEnemyCrab5221d ago

This is the best you could do Eric100/Nasim that you had to dig up some foreign review and the worst score you could come up with was an 8!! LOL you poor pityful fishhead.

elshimiablo5221d ago

Fable 2 got 7 from some sites and its review average is 89%. It will only get lower as more reviews are in

It is not AAA by any means

Lanoire5221d ago

American reviewers are overflating fable 2 scores.

While many European reviewers are rating fable 2 for what it is. And in that case, fable 2 is just a 8 out of 10. Decent game by all means, but not anywhere NEAR triple A status.

Damn xbot turds, it sucks to be a 360 owner.

Flop of the Year5221d ago

Poor gamers that will play the FLOP OF THE YEAR™

GiantEnemyCrab5221d ago

I know your a PS3 fishhead so that right there makes you not the brightest bulb but if you are going to make a Flop account at least use a game that isn't getting 9's and 10's because you just look stupid.

Nineball21125221d ago

So, an 8 out of 10 is now a flop?

Wow... *shakes head*

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The story is too old to be commented.