The Last of Us Is More 'Intimate and Small' Compared To Uncharted, Says Neil Druckmann

Naughty Dog talks about how they approach The Last of Us Part 2 compared to Uncharted series.

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PhoenixUp100d ago

Well no shit. The Last of Us isn’t as bombastic as Uncharted

rivaldoo777100d ago

Nice. Having companions is awesome.

RuleNumber5100d ago

Duh, a lot of us did play the first game.

Smokehouse99d ago

“With Uncharted, a lot of it is bombast and spectacle, and the whole approach with The Last of Us as a franchise is to try to make it as intimate and small as possible. So that’s like a mini set piece of someone being on top of you, you’re feeling the desperation of your character and how you fight out of that. So, yeah, we want to make that as seamless as possible to the more systemic gameplay that’s all around those kind of more “set-piecey” moments.”

That’s precisely why uncharted 4 was my least favorite in the franchise. I enjoyed lost legacy more than the last of us. Druckmann is a great writer but I don’t like his directed games as much. TLOU 2 gameplay looked good though, I was surprised.

ClayRules201299d ago

What’s your opinion on The Last of Us?

GruntboxWizard99d ago

I've not played lost legacy. Is it worth it?

Skankinruby99d ago

It's very forgettable, if all you care about is gameplay then it should suffice. But the story was retarded, it's a good fix if you're done with all the uncharted games though.

Smokehouse99d ago

Yes. It’s on sale all of the time just wait.

Atticus_finch99d ago

Skankin is being brutal but it is actually a very good game, I loved it and it also includes uncharted 4 MP.

monkeyporn98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Not IMO its a watered down version of Uncharted and the whole time I was playing it I was wishing Nathan was the protagonist and this is coming from a girl who loves playing girl characters.

doggo8498d ago

Lost Legacy was brilliant, it is worth it

98d ago
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galmi99d ago

How dare you say UC4 was your least favourite, the graphics man the graphics....just kidding, I concur with you, UC4 has to be my least favourite also, didnt feel special still cant get over UC2, best in the series imo, as compared to TLOU, UC feels like hd tetris while the last of us is actually a game, it has good gameplay, nothing new but refined and works well, good gameplay mechanics, nothing new here too just done well and an absolutely AWESOME story thats the main reason I wanna play TLOU 2

ClayRules201299d ago

“UC feels like hd tetris while the last of us is actually a game”

Interesting choice of words, bud. What about UC4 did you not like?

AspiringProGenji99d ago

Uncharted 4 was amazing and it wasn’t fro graphics alone. How dare people and critics like it? Get over it!

Skankinruby99d ago

You enjoyed the lost legacy more than the last of us? Uncharted 4 was your least favorite? Huh? We must have played two very different games.

Smokehouse99d ago

Nah we just have different opinions.

ClayRules201299d ago


I’m surprised when I hear some gamers say Uncharted 4’s their least favorite out’ve the series. I respect their opinion, but it’s always shocking to me. But than again, Uncharted 3’s my least favorite in the series, that weak story among a few other things. But it’s what it is.

Which Uncharted game is your favorite?

Skankinruby99d ago

Uncharted 3 could have been the best in the series but Marlowe was such a god awful villain. 4 was my favorite, best story, gameplay, character development, and boss fight. Rafe as a villain was just whatever but that sword battle was epic, miles better than Lazarovic.

ClayRules201298d ago

Totally agree.

Marlowe was an awful villain & the pacing in 3 was just bad. Yeah, Uncharted 4’s my favorite, with Uncharted 2 right behind it.

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ClayRules201299d ago


Alright, not the answer I was expecting, but okay. Thanks!

Jinger99d ago

UC4 was a let down. Wasnt as light hearted and fun, the set peices were weak, extremely repetitive, no mystical elements, bad villain, forced in and terribly implemented brother and rope swing mechanic...

Smokehouse99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

You get it. It was intimate and small. Sam was great in lost legacy though, same with Nadine.

AspiringProGenji99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Disagree! Raffe was a great villain and the setpieces were good and were more controllable. The rope mechanics was also great and there was a lot you could do with it. Sam got introduced just like Cutter and even Chloe: out of nowhere, and yet no complains. If anything these characters add to Nate’s adventures and don’t ruin anything. Some people act as if Sam changes anything when there was so little we knew about Drake’s beginnings before U4. I found ND fitted him well with enough backstory

I didn’t miss mystical elements but pirate ghost was a missed opportunity.

doggo8498d ago (Edited 98d ago )

"UC4 was a let down."

Uncharted 4 was a great game whether you like it or not.

Inzo98d ago

I loved U4 with the exception of Nadine and the final boss battle but Amy Hennig spoke about the story of U4 she was working and it would have been awesome. Druckmann is not Amy's calibre and he is more concerned about pushing his agenda than the gameplay, proof is to look how similar TLOU2 gameplay looks to U4.

Skankinruby98d ago

With the exception of the final boss battle? Are you kidding? That Rafe sword battle was miles better than any of the boss battles in the series.

Inzo98d ago

"That Rafe sword battle was miles better than any of the boss battles in the series"

Really? Better than the Lezaravic battle? Ummmmmm... ok?

AspiringProGenji98d ago

To me it was better than Lazarevic's fight but not because of the fight alone, which was epic, but Rafe and the parallels between him and Nate. Honestly Lazarevic while a good villain, but the last battle was pretty much and overpowered grunt. Nothing that special

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