The PSN wallet is cumbersome and I can't stand it

"Until Dawn, however, was on sale for $5.99, so I decided that now was the time. I added it to my cart and went to check out. Alas, I only had $5.50. “Not a big deal!”, I thought to myself. “I only need to add another fifty cents.” Upon attempting to checkout, however, I was met with the fact that, in order to do so, I would need to add $5 from Paypal, at which point a single dollar would be taken from my current $5.50 balance." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984189d ago

I felt like this topic was already discussed before

Kumakai188d ago

lol seriously. sums it up.

1Victor188d ago

I don’t know why it’s so hard to add a credit card. I never had any issues paying with my credit card and I been a plus member since the beginning. I had gotten free $$ from time to time and purchased game with it and the rest automatically he deducted from the credit card.

blackblades189d ago

Yeah like last gen, not a big deal. Just be so change left for your next purchase.

Lockdown555189d ago

Lol, what if you just want to spend an exact amount of money? How is not being able to do a basic transaction in 2018 not a big deal?

TheUndertaker85189d ago

Mom & pop shops can charge for the exact amount and even below a dollar. Surely Sony can too. Their competitors do.

TheUndertaker85189d ago

“530D AGO”

And yet the problem is still unaddressed. As it was since the PS3 days of PSN as well.

Skull521189d ago Show
Jinger188d ago

Seems like Sony doesn't mind retaining crappy methods to keep you on PSN. Locking 3rd party accounts to their system, making you spend more than you need to have you keep buying from PSN otherwise you just waste that money.

rainslacker189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Likely because Sony has to pay the CC company, or Paypal, to charge people's accounts. Paypal is something like 10 cents + 1% of the charge. CC companies tend to charge 20-30 cents plus 1% of the sale to use their services. Actual amounts will vary based on the company. Sony probably has a high percentage of charge backs given that they're a digital goods company, and that increases their rates....which is why they auto-lock people that do them.

It's a business side of things that most people don't realize. They think that the CC companies charge the consumer through interest, and while they do, the processor also does the same thing, at which time, the CC companies themselves also get a cut.

It's a cost of doing business for most companies, Sony just chooses to not take a loss at the time of purchase. When they have all these small amounts within people's wallets, they're accruing interest on them, making back the money in this way. Some smaller companies that sell retail goods also require minimum purchases for this same reason, otherwise, they can lose money on a pack of gum or something. My distributor for the games I sell has a 1% surcharge if I pay with a CC because margins are so thin they can't afford to lose them. Since I can't afford to pay them and still make a decent enough profit, I use other means to pay.

Does it suck? Yes.

Is having $5 taken from your account to store for later use a problem? Not really....particularly since they tell you they're taking that amount and you have to agree to it before making the charge.

Should Sony change this policy? It probably wouldn't hurt, and I think their bottom line wouldn't be drastically affected if they did. But I guess every little bit helps.

81BX188d ago

Should sony change this policy?

Your next statement should have been, yes not it probably wouldn't hurt.

rainslacker188d ago

I run a business. My margins are much leaner than Sony's. And I don't charge my customers for me having to pay CC fees.

But I understand why Sony does it, and if it was more common that the consumer paid those fees, then I would charge them as well.

In other words, I understand why Sony does it, ,and for a company like Sony, it's not likely to affect their bottom line, and it wouldn't hurt them to do so. So yes, they should change it. At the same time, people should stop acting like $5 is going to break their bank.

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ziggurcat189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

this has been the case (afaik) for as long as the PS3 has been around, and the author is only finding out about this now?

Dark_Knightmare2189d ago

Yeah I find it hard to believe this is the first time this has ever happened to him

KillZallthebeast189d ago

Ehh guy might be 10 and well educated. Fully grown "reporters" write stuff I could of seen being scalded by teachers in the 5th grade

Lockdown555189d ago

So it's been around for 2 generations now and still hasn't been fixed? Why not talk about it in hopes Sony can improve upon it's already amazing system?

Goldby189d ago

Nothing is wrong with it.

189d ago
Goldby189d ago

Should be, but isn't, isn't hurting anyone but this guy, who feels 5$ is a lot of money, he should be sticking to physical copies.

Ive never had an issue once with the psn or the wallet, so again, nothing's wrong. It's just different

shinrock189d ago

Your on this site asking that question🤔

ziggurcat189d ago

fixed? it's not even a problem.

StormSnooper189d ago

It not a problem because you end up spending it eventually. Unless you intend to buy something and never use the network again, it’s not a big deal.

subtenko189d ago

its not a fix, its a they choose.

rainslacker189d ago

I don't really take issue with it, but I see the point of view of the author, or at least understand why some consider it a stupid implementation. Up above I have a post about why Sony probably does it this way as well. It's a business thing.

That being said, Sony does inform you before they do this at the checkout page, at which time you have the opportunity to back out. Because of this, I feel that Sony is probably well aware of how many sales they may lose over this. Since they are aware, they probably looked at how much they lose out on a sale vs. how much they lose out on in CC fees should they allow small purchases. For instance, if someone just brought a 59 cent avatar created by a third party, they'd probably end up spending money to provide that product to the customer because CC fees would take up more than half, and the dev posting the avatar gets around 80% of the sale. May seem like a trivial loss, but when you multiply it by tens or hundreds of thousands, it can add up.

I've only ever had this issue crop up one time, and it wasn't that big of a deal. The money was just there the next time I wanted to buy my case it was a PS+ renewal.

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Cmv38189d ago

On the next episode on Cry 4 Nothing.....

TheUndertaker85189d ago

Didn’t read the full story did you.

“Therefore, when I do purchase Playstation games digitally I just do it on Amazon so that I don’t have to beef up my wallet in five dollar increments. So, the question stands; did I bite the bullet, add the $5 and purchase Until Dawn? No. No, I did not. I would have, but I knew that if I did, I’d have $4.50 sitting in my wallet for months to come and I didn’t want to yet again be prompted to add $5 to my wallet.”

They’ve known but it’s no less an issue. Particularly when other retailers or outlets don’t require “minimum funding”.

ziggurcat189d ago

It's not even an issue. He's complaining about something that's part of the system they have had in place since the PS3.

I've had my CC frozen because of a 50 cent charge before, so the minimum charge is likely there to prevent that from happening.

rainslacker189d ago

It's an issue for this guy...and maybe some others. I even understand their reasons. But on the business side of things, it still costs Sony money to accept CC, and use paypal. They decided that they didn't want to lose money on small purchases. I've seen small local stores do minimum purchases for the same reason. Amazon doesn't, and most big stores don't, but they are willing to take the loss on small purchases. When you go to the convenience store and buy a soda for $1, and charge it, they lose money on that sale. They accept that loss most of the time, because most people are repeat customers.

Being an issue is a matter of perspective, and is highly dependent on how you use the service. I've had to do this type of funding at one point too. I just ended up using the extra later.

TheUndertaker85189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

1) It is an issue. A long unaddressed one at that. As stated, even by me, a problem that’s existed for some time.

2) People complained about it during the PS3 days as well for it to go unaddressed even still

3) I’ve ran my card for less than a dollar on NUMEROUS occasions and never had an issue. I like taking advantage of free or cheap rentals from Redbox which CONTANTLY come out to less than one dollar. I’ve been able to pay for things via Xbox Live for less than a dollar as well and not had the issue. The author even writes about the ability to do so via Amazon and other outlets. The author is shopping around and stating why it is an issue. PSN sales aren’t that great when you have to put in a minimum $5 for an item that may cost less than that via PSN. Then other outlets follow the same deals and charge the exact amount. So PSN isn’t really offering much of a deal at that point.

4) I was a deposits agent for USAA and know for a fact that minor transactions 99% of the time do not get flagged. Larger transactions do.

5) Most banks offer the ability to remove the lock on your own via app, website, or phone with some easy information if it’s your account.

So I’d state again. Other retailers and even direct competitors can run transactions for much less than $5, even to the exact amount. So why can’t Sony? Little mom and pop shops along with independent contractors can with no issue, all being a lot smaller than Sony.

81BX188d ago

It is an issue. This is exactly why sony adds features. To improve upon and make psn a better place for us gamers. Just because something has been in place since a gen before doesnt mean it works for gamers today.

ziggurcat188d ago


1. No, it’s not a problem.

2. That still doesn’t make it a problem. People complain about anything.

3. Count yourself lucky, then, because i’ve had it happen to me. Also, the remainder carries over, so... you’re not really spending $5 on a game if it’s less than that amount.

4. That’s not true. It’s much easier for scammers to get away with only charging pennies on a massive amount of cards than it is for them to get away with larger purchases on a smaller number because those micro charges go relatively unnoticed by people, and that’s why they get flagged. I was told this by the person on the phone when I had to call my CC company to unfreeze my card. It got frozen after a legit transaction took place, and had to call them to verify that it was a legit charge.

5. Good for you.

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littletad189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Yeah, when you're gaming on a budget, with kids, work schedules, you know life; blowing five bucks since it's nothing is actually kinda of a small deal. All he would have needed is 50 cents plus tax, but it's 2018 and you need to add a whole five bucks more. Lovely.

Eidolon189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

It's annoying and primitive to have to spend $5 more, but it's not like it's being wasted, if you're on the platform, you're going to use it eventually... And maybe you shouldn't be buying video games if you're going to stress over $5, maybe change up your spending habits.. there's a lot of stupid shit you buy daily that could save.

ziggurcat189d ago

the remainder is left in your wallet, which gets put towards your next purchase.

and in some cases, just charging 50 cents will cause your credit card company to flag, and freeze your credit card.

BLAKHOODe189d ago

The only people who are going to understand the "every penny counts" struggle are the ones living penny to penny. Most anyone else is going to shrug off any argument with "it's just $5".

But then, if you can't afford $5, you shouldn't be wasting money on PSN anyway.

jerethdagryphon189d ago

I don't just link PayPal as payment source exact change

Razzer189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

If someone's "life" budget hinges on $5 then they probably shouldn't be buying games at all.

Regardless, PSN shouldn't require minimum charges. It is just silly.

TheEnigma313189d ago

Gaming is an expensive hobby. You should't game if you're on a budget.

yomfweeee189d ago

If it is that big of a deal then you need to make better decisions in your life.

Goldby189d ago

Well if he's gaming on a budget, he shouldn't be using the digital store front and should be looking at used copies for everythibg

NecrumOddBoy189d ago

I dont have an issue with my credit card. I dont use the PayPal method.

Also. Not to sounds like a dick but dont buy games when you cant afford it

2pacalypsenow189d ago

"but it's 2018 and you need to add a whole five bucks more. Lovely."

You must of not been around the Ps3 and Xbox 360 days.

Profchaos189d ago

If you're down to the point where every penny counts maybe don't buy any games in fact it's irresponsible of you to continue to buy them when you need money that bad. I've been at that point before I simply stepped away from gaming besides the give away titles and when I say simply it was hard but ultimatly worth it

rainslacker189d ago

I could spend more than $5 going to McDonalds for lunch. People often take their kids to McDonalds for a quick dinner in their busy lives, and they easily spend $5-20 depending on if they're eating, and how many kids they have.

While $5 can indeed be more than nothing to some people's budgets, if its the point where it will make or break your finances for the month, or even the week, then one should analyze their priorities. For instance, this person has internet access to write this article. That's probably costing him more than $5. The difference in price for this guy was only about $4...since he'd have to spend 50 cents plus tax.

He wanted a cheap game, which is fine, we've all been impulsed to buy a cheap game.
He didn't want to spend hardly anything. Which is fine, we've all been there.
He didn't get those two things, and decided it was a big enough problem to complain about something that's been around since PSN started, and rarely gets complained about because most people aren't fussed over $5.

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Lockdown555189d ago

Yeah, insult the guy because he wants a basic feature on his modern day console. You tell him. Because insults are definitely the best way to prove your point that there is no problem with Sony's anti consumer policies.

Xb1ps4189d ago

You know damn well it's a bunch of 10 yr olds that get mommy and daddy to buy the games that's why they are insulting the guy.. that and you know playstation is perfect to thses sony fanatics..

Goldby189d ago

No more on the fact that this guy is complaining about putting 5$ on the psn wallet. It that was so hard for him yo do instead of just 50 cents he shouldn't be buying games thru digital store fronts, most cases they are higher.

@xb1ps4 or people like us who are able to properly budget for gaming don't see an issue with it.

PaleMoonDeath189d ago

Only issue I have is when it's empty.

Lockdown555189d ago

Yeah, insults are definitely the best way to prove your point that you're right. That was like a good middle school quality one too. Nice work!

2pacalypsenow189d ago

You think that is an insult?


CommonCent189d ago

Gotta ask Mommy for $4.50