Vampyr has sold 450K copies worldwide in its first month on all platforms

Focus Home Interactive has announced that Vampyr has sold 450K copies worldwide on all platforms in its first month. As the press release reads, after a week of marketing, the game has ranked first in sales in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and many other countries ahead of other big titles.

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SCW1982103d ago

Love everything about this game except the ridiculous amount of combat between getting to point A and point B. It really just destroys the overall experience. So sad

Dark_Knightmare2103d ago

Yeah but at least once you kill enemies they don’t respawn until you level up or do a story mission

Nesflix103d ago

Really? I actually enjoyed the combat. My gripe was the amount of dialogue and the repetitiveness of it. You don't really know which NPC to speak to that will end up giving you a quest or unlock speech options so you're forced to speak to all just in case.

Arriving at the hospital was really overwhelming. I think I might've spent 2-3 hours in dialogue at the hospital alone. Overall I really am enjoying the game though. I love the atmosphere!

SCW1982102d ago

Atmosphere is phenomenal.

RuleNumber5103d ago

Sweeeet! Love dontnod, hope they continue to make intriguing, great games like this.

chris235103d ago ShowReplies(3)
NewUser101103d ago

This is one of those games where I don't quite get the popularity. The story is just OK, characters are alright, combat needs some serious work. It's like it was hyped and it's about vampires so people just feel compelled to like it.

yeahright2102d ago

It's one of those games I'd usually wait for a sale on, but I like dontnod, so i bought it full price. But yeah, game has issues. I don't remember a whole bunch of hype though, just the normal commercials and articles you get with any other game.

m2stech102d ago

We need more vampire rpg games.