GeForce Now on SHIELD Impressions: NVIDIA Brings Full-Featured Game Streaming to Your TV | Wccftech

NVIDIA finally brings the full-featured PC/Mac version of GeForce Now to SHIELD TV. Check out Wccftech's impressions up the updated service.

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Alexious101d ago

Great stuff, I love the cloud.

Old McGroin101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

When is the Beta live? Checked my Shield but nothing has changed?

Ah, I see you must sign up for the Beta. I've filled out the form and hit Submit but nothing happens?

Jackhass101d ago

You'll probably have to wait a while for the beta.

Old McGroin101d ago

I'd imagine so. Tried signing up again this morning and it submitted this time. Now to play the waiting game.

steven83r100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Let's hope they only do a monthly cost for streaming. Word was they are charging over $25 for 20 hours to play games your paid for. So $65 for Anthem and assuming story is 30 hours you would of ended up paying over $100 to play just story mode of Anthem. If you play PUBG and average of 16 hours a week ( 2 hours a day + 3 hours Sat - Sun) you would be paying almost $100 a month. Just get a console or save up $700 for a decent PC. Current Shield $8 a month is a deal.