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Hollow Knight stands as a monument to game design, and quite possibly, as the greatest Metroidvania game of all time.

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Johnyra101d ago

Great game and experience

leahcim101d ago

Amazing game, for me it does not reach the heights of Ori and the BF but it is also a masterpiece.
Congrats Team Cherry !

edeprez101d ago

Ori is great too, I just finished it immediately after Hollow knight. While Ori has some great emotional cutscenes, for me Hollow knight was a much more enjoyable game. The combat is absolutely incredible, and the nail biting boss fights combined with the massive rune system definitely puts it over the top for me. Ori just doesn't have as tight of movement controls, and the combat is super easy with a floating light orb that automatically shoots at the nearest enemy.

pramath1605101d ago

Greatest Metroidvania ever!

drifter86101d ago

Not sure if its the greatest yet; however I will say it's in the top 3 for me.

strayanalog101d ago

I must play this game. That does it! This Friday I am buying it!