Warframe's Tennocon Livestream Would Have Been the Best Showcase at E3

Jack at GameSpew: I didn’t know what to expect from watching my first Tennocon, so to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence124d ago

Easily the most significant reveal of 2018 but people are too busy talking about Fortnite

no_ripleys124d ago

i really like Warframe but the whole world and enemies etc. are way too generic and without any identity .. you always have this "low budget" feeling when you play the game - not because it doesn`t have enough content but because how it feels - hard to describe. It feels like the devs threw something together and never organized it. the depth and features of Warframe are are second to none though. Bungie could learn a thing or two from DE

PMind124d ago

It did start out pretty generic as far as factions go, but they have tried to fill in those backlogs of lore as they go to make everything more significant. There is a quite a bit that is touched on during the story quests but there is a ton more out there if you dig. I would say that the lore and backstories are pretty scattered and not presented in a consistent manner so it's not so easy to follow. It keeps getting better though as they learn how important that is to a large portion of their player base.