6 Of The Most Overpowered Fighting Game Characters

HPP's Jon Davis writes: "Do you play fighting games? Check out our list of 6 of the most overpowered fighting game characters and find out who makes us rage the most!"

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VTKC195d ago

Old sagat is the only one on that list thats overpowered. Lack of knowledge here this article. I cant believe not one SNK BOSS was mentioned. Omega Rugal especially KOF98 version is one hell of a cheat nevermind being overpowered. His de-atomising move as he rushes through you for 7 hits. You either take the hits or block them. You block them and he can do it again BEFORE your character has even turned around. Yes he is selectable.

VTKC195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

This is strange thinking about it. Apart from Old Sagat, the rest are not overpowered. Whoever wrote this article is a casual gamer, nothing wrong with that. My point is Old Sagat is overpowered in high level play. How can author say old sagat is overpowered when they think all the others listed they considered overpowered ?
I mean look. You mention Subzero? In the Mortal Kombat universe and you consider Subzero is overpowered or giving you trouble to feel like raging? You clearly haven't encountered Notarized then. From the beginning as the announcer says "Fight" Motaro shoots three fireballs one after another. Blocking the first one guard breaks so the enext two

VTKC195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

So the next two fireballs would hit, knocking you over. Whilst you are flying through the air. Motaro teleports behind you and kicks you with both his back legs. "Motaro Wins" because you are out of health! Yes he is selectable.
Seriously at this rate why wasn't King from Tekken mentioned? He could do his chain throw you to KO. I doubt any throw escape in known considering the list of so called overpowered characters. Or even Bryan Fury. He could knock you over and run over to you. So? Well he could do his power sweep. You lie there you get kicked in head. You try to get up you get hit again. He runs over to you again. You think you smart and get up quicker to block low. He does falling axe. A mid hitting kick that knocks you over. He runs over to you again. What will you do? Will Bryan do a power sweep? Or falling axe?
Paul phoenix? He does his power punch. Does heavy damage. Insane damage on counter hit. You get smart and block it. Ok you see him begin the motion in crouching and moving forward to begin his power punch so you block. But he goes into Bone Breaker instead which is a low hit to begin with. You get off the floor. He does the motion again. But which move is he going to do? Dont they sound overpowered as well? Funny thing is they are not. But I bet the author would think so if this was happening to him.

Chaos_Order195d ago

What a terrible list. As far as Tekken goes, Ogre from Tekken 3 is the most OP character the franchise has ever seen. (Was banned from almost all tournaments) Next is Jin from Tekken 4, who was so OP around 85% of tournament players used him thanks to his JFLS mixup and insane pressure. The 3rd most OP would be Steve from Tekken 5 who had an INFINITE COMBO if he sidestepped you at the right time. Eddy was a monster in Tag 2 but in almost every other game he's generally mid tier at best.

As for other OP fighters, how about Metaknight from Brawl? Akuma from SSF2 Turbo? Even mentioning Red Riding Hood from Shrek Super Slam would've been better.

WPX195d ago

About Tekken, Tekken 5's Jinpachi aka Stunpachi is even worse than Ogre.
SSF2 turbo I'm not sure if Old Sagat is worse than Akuma or viceversa

Chaos_Order195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Tekken 3 Ogre had an 8 frame, unbreakable, inescapable throw setup (waning moon) that led to over 50% health bar damage if you did dash into d333. Plus he had strong mids so opponents who ducked the throw would get wrecked. Only Jin had a real chance against him because of Electric pressure, and even then Ogre still had a decent advantage. Jinpachi in T5 may have been BS (random interrupts that couldn't be anticipated) but he was at least unplayable. Ogre was playable and was beyond broken.

WPX195d ago (Edited 195d ago )


lol true, I forgot that Ogre was *actually* playable then.

vork77195d ago

i agree with Eddy Gordo he is a smasher

bloop195d ago

I wouldn't say Eddy is op. He's easily dealt with when you know how.

Vanfernal195d ago

Just the fact that Eddie is on the pic makes me thing this was written by a noob. Plenty of op characters in the Tekken series... Eddie and Christie are NOT.

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