Earthfall Runs at [email protected] on Both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X; HDR Only Available on PS4 Pro at Launch

Earthfall, the cooperative FPS due this week where you have to fend off an alien invasion, will run at [email protected] on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. HDR support will only be available on PS4 Pro at launch.

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Jackhass100d ago

Rare advantage for the PS4 Pro!

Obscure_Observer100d ago (Edited 100d ago )


I don´t think these devs optimized this game for the X. Same thing can be said about some games on the Pro.

This game should run at 60fps on the X.

jukins100d ago

not at 4k the x isnt that good

Obscure_Observer100d ago


"not at 4k the x isnt that good"

It is good enough. If the X is able run Halo 5 at 4K/60fps, it can run Earthfall at 4K/60fps with no problems.

XabiDaChosenOne100d ago

@Obscure_Observer Have you seen Halo 5 running at 4k 60 on the X?

fr0sty100d ago Show
rainslacker100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

What's that? You mean not every dev is going to give more consideration to the X1X just because it's more powerful? You mean that just because a system may be capable of something, that it just doesn't magically happens?

Remember when I said they wouldn't? Are you going to give me credit for being right about that? I mean, you seem really good at knowing everything I've said in the past when you think I'm wrong, but only seem to like to highlight the things I get wrong, and never when I'm right.:)


HDR isn't that resource intensive. It just requires making a profile to handle the extra data. That can be a bit touchy at times, but the same metadata can be used across both systems. Sony's HDR algorithms to interpret the data tend to be a bit easier to make work right though, which is probably why the X1X version is being delayed. Something isn't working the way they hoped it would.

rob-GP100d ago

@fr0sty - "The only reason it would be held back is for marketing reasons." - how's that tin foil hat going? Is it blocking all the media bias or are you still seeing it in every game even though it doesn't exist?

It's a known fact that HDR is much easier to implement on the PS4 console than the Xbox ones. On PS4, the systems are built to accommodate Checkerboarding and HDR at a system level with tools that allows the games to pretty much do it all automatically when required.

A few months back it was announced on one of the xbox fanboy sites - wither wcftech or gamingbolt, that the Xbox one X requires more work to get HDR working as the devs effectively have to do it all manually and have the console almost render two version of the game independently. That's most likely why there is a delay in the Xbox getting it.

cigi100d ago

"It's a known fact that HDR is much easier to implement on the PS4 console than the Xbox ones. On PS4, the systems are built to accommodate Checkerboarding and HDR at a system level with tools that allows the games to pretty much do it all automatically when required. "

that is not true at all. It is quite the oposite. The S - was developed with HDR in mind, and even given a small boost compared to the original to make sure there was enough ressoruces - this and like scaling can be off loaeded to custom chips on the xbox platform.

letsa_go100d ago

@Obscure_Observer Maybe the devs should hire you since you know more than they do!

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StormSnooper100d ago

Most of the time they are too close anyway.

Automatic79100d ago


Don't think it's an advantage when the word " at launch" is used. More like Devs are not ready for all optimizations at launch.

Goldby100d ago

Than the same could be said about the one x. No real advantage cuz new consoles will be coming in the future.

At launch the pro will have an advantage,

Cmv38100d ago


Are you serious? Sony has nothing to do with this. And this isn't even a big deal.

rob-GP100d ago

@cigi -

Xbox One X required us to generate two images, an HDR one and a LDR one, to be used on non-HDR compatible TVs. On PS4, this process is done automatically by the system, simplifying things greatly. Overall, the process has not been too costly because Mercury Engine 5 already worked with HDR assets.

darthv7299d ago

I believe it was an issue for that specific developer and (at the time) MS suggested there be two renderings. Not sure though but hardly anyone has mentioned issues with the xbo and HDR since.

rob-GP99d ago

@darthv72 - we still see differences in the way HDR is implemented though - The HDR in Nier, for example, is terrible on the Xbox and the one provided on the UHDs is nowhere near the quality you get via a stand-alone device. There have been other games as well where the PS4 has got HDR but the Xbox hasn't and some where the PS4 got it first.

Xbox will probably get it for this game later, but it does appear it's more work for the developers to add in HDR, especially when it's a smaller studio. Most HDR games recently have been of big-budget games from big studios - those guys won't have any issues assigning a decent amount of people on the role of making sure it works.

KillZallthebeast98d ago

N4g manbaby force how is this still up but you mark others as inappropriate?

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KaiPow100d ago

30 fps is really strange for an FPS.

Eonjay100d ago

I assume they are taking the Destiny route.

Alexious100d ago

This is not open world, though.

warriorcase100d ago

@Alexious either was Destiny?

Cmv38100d ago

Its pve so I don't mind too much.

iplay1up2100d ago

Try telling that to an Xbox One PUBG, player. It STILL chugs dropping to 25FPS on My XB1X, broken game. Wont play it, until they fix it. So I laugh at players who think its the best game ever!

Teflon0299d ago

Fix pubg? Naw not unless they're promised that they'll dethrone fortnite for fixing it lol

codelyoko100d ago

Finally a game with parity


Not something we want... I didn't buy an X after I bought a Pro to have parity. Don't care about the 4k and 30fps since if the Pro can handle it then send it, but some Memory advantages would be nice at least :/

Cmv38100d ago

This comment makes it seem like you don't even like video games. This game this game isn't a system pusher, but it might have just been easier for them to go this route. Would you have rather a late 1x release?

ChristMustDie100d ago

I don't understand how the Xbox One X version could possibly be on par with the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game. Objectively speaking, there is so much more power available to the Xbox One X, you would expect the 1X version to look better or at least run better.

ILostMyMind100d ago

There is no "so much more" power, there is some. And i don't believe it will be on par. XBX will have the better look version after all. You just need to activate your 600% zoom eyes.


Well there is more here than Resolution and Framerate, Pro can handle this game at 4k/30 which is great, even though the X's GPU has the equivalent of a standard PS4 GPU's power separating the Pro and X, there no ceiling after 4k right now and the CPU while faster, is still not enough for 60fps territory.

The Much More Power and what most console only gamers don't realize is the Memory gap, X has an extra 4gb and over 100gb/sec faster RAM which means things like Texture Filtering, Draw Distance and Overall LOD should be noticeably better on X.

For the X version to only "Match" the Pro version is either lazy or they did not go into detail on the extra bells and whistles on the graphics side?

dekke100d ago Show
ILostMyMind100d ago

I agree with everything you said. And the answer for your last sentence was given by Rude-ro

NatFanBoyRestricted100d ago

Yet before the Pro and X, we wouldn't find tools like you on Digital Foundry articles downplaying zoom eyes for PS. Don't worry though, everyone knows majority play multiplats, and where those games will run better. Like Red Dead Redemption.

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100d ago
Rude-ro100d ago

Because it is the Xbox one version.
How do you all not understand this?
Both consoles put make up on the base version... taking A LOT of extra work for the x since the one is beyond weak for this gen.

SublimeStylee2100d ago

But as a business standpoint, why would they icrease the cost of development on a console that will no doubt sell the least amount of copies between Sony and MS and not to mention MS has sold the least amount of hardware, and from what I see it's not the X people are buying. The X clearly has the least amount of sales in the Xbox family. Its not rocket science.

cigi100d ago

This is not correct at all. If you optimize for the One s - you will automatically get more or less the results out of the box. Just look at what we have seen before.

So this is just clearly a bad developer.

rainslacker100d ago

Because not every dev is going to take the time to use that extra power. This is particularly true since the X1X is such a small portion of the market, it's not a major consideration for a dev on a budget.

It's just the reality of the way things work in development. It won't change regardless of who has more power. Even PC doesn't get optimized versions at times because the consoles have such a large portion of the market.

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Timesplitter14100d ago

What is this, the fifties?

Atticus_finch100d ago

Why do people love pretending 30 fps is bad?!

Razzer100d ago

Because they have played games at 60 fps and know what a difference it makes.

Christopher100d ago

That doesn't make 30fps bad, just makes 60fps better, though...

Razzer100d ago

On FPS? Pretty bad if you ask me.

Christopher100d ago

We'll disagree on that one, Razzer. 60fps is absolutely better, no matter what, but 30fps, even for shooters, isn't bad. It's the norm, actually, and it's proven to still be very viable and acceptable as the norm.

rainslacker100d ago

People have been playing games at 30fps for decades now. Is 60fps better? Sure. But anyone who doesn't play a game because its at 60fps really has their priorities screwed up.

A stable frame rate is what makes things work well. If something can maintain a solid 30fps, there should be no problems playing the game.

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