My PS Vita finally died, but is it worth buying another in 2018?

"I’ve been a huge fan of the PS Vita ever since it launched back in February 2012. Maybe even borderline obsessed with it. Sadly, I awoke this morning to discover my original OLED PlayStation Vita had suffered a terrible fate. Now I have to ask myself a question, is it worth purchasing another PS Vita in 2018? " -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Tross195d ago

Oh no! I wouldn't buy another if mine died. I'd just be really sad. Or I'd pay the fee to have it sent to Sony for repairs.

Fist4achin195d ago

If you like it and want to continue playing it, why not pick up another?!

awdevoftw195d ago

I bought one just in case mine dies. Amazon has great used ones. I bought one for 100 bucks, and it looks brand new. But my oled is still going strong, so it might not get used for a while. Something about the vita is irresistible for me.

blackblades195d ago

If I bought another one, Ill hope to get another original with a oled screen and more polished.

DeadManMMX195d ago

My battery has started messing up. It’s had a good run but it’s not over.

TheLastGuardian194d ago

Buy a new battery on eBay for $7. That's what I did. It's sorta tricky to replace though. This video helped me replace my battery:

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The story is too old to be commented.