Subnautica Coming To PlayStation 4

Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment has announced that the adventure-survival game Subnautica is coming to PS4.

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UCForce124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Well, this game sure does look interesting and terrifying to be honest.

Prettygoodgamer123d ago

It's an ok game, I played it to death on the pc from the alpha onwards, it's along the lines of no mans sky but with less to do. There are some cool things though but I don't want to give out spoilers for people that haven't played it yet.

Dark_Knightmare2123d ago

Really because I heard it was Amazing and it reviewed well. I also heard that unlike other survival games that have no story or make you find the “story” this has a full blown story that’s really good and keeps you on the path to see that story through

Prettygoodgamer123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


You heard wrong then, I've played the game to death I know what happens in it, I was playing it before most of the stuff was added and played each patch that added content. Its far from amazing to me it's an ok game.

With out spoilers there is no full blown story that keeps you on the path from what I remember, most of the stuff you find by exploring looking for things to make your base, it's hard to explain w/o giving away plot points.

Btw I'm not saying don't play It, it's a fun game but it's nothing new.

Dark_Knightmare2123d ago

Yeah I got the story information from the ign review

Omnisonne123d ago

Same here, I'll probably get it for PS4 if it's under 30. It's more of an exploration/sandbox game, pretty fun if you're into marine and deep sea stuff. Looks nice graphically too.

Yetter122d ago

I found the progression far more interesting and entertaining in subnautica compared to NoMansSky

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shinoff2183123d ago

I'm very interested in this. Can't wait to play it

Akira2020123d ago

I've been playing it with my Oculus on PC. I'm using a very powerful PC, so the graphics and sound are amazing.
My poor kid freaked out and refused to play as he saw the dark shadow approaching him from the deep. Truly fun experience.

Hopefully the port will have the same intensity.

PygmelionHunter123d ago

Performance-wise, it's very shaky on PC.

I'm curious to see how well this does on consoles.

It's actually a pretty neat exploration/survival game.