The Sonic toaster nobody asked for is now available on SEGA’s website

Running late for work and gotta go fast? How about some toast? How about some officially licensed SEGA toast? No, we don’t understand it either, but that hasn’t stopped the video game company from releasing a toaster with Sonic the Hedgehog branding.

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ryuuzakibjorn157d ago

Crap title. "The Sonic toaster nobody asked for " whereas the article says "But, no worries, as the bread machine has already reached its goal of 1,000 preorders" - So 1,000 people putting $35 down is "Nobody?". Okay.

Larrysweet157d ago

Im sure those 1000 didnt say omg i wish theyd make a sonic toaster

-Foxtrot157d ago

I just wish it was chrome blue with the silver Sonic head logo in the middle

BenjaMan64157d ago

Gaming merchandise is always welcomed. I'd love a Super Smash Bros Ultimate themed backpack.

Xb1ps4157d ago

Ha! My son would love this.. down side would be all he would eat and want is toast lol