Why Do We Care About Cross-Play?

Let's recap the whole cross-play thing. Why is it such a big deal, anyway?

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Community101d ago
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lxeasy101d ago

Because it unifies gamers and allows quick and easy access to online matches since there is never a shortage of gamers on the game.

ThinkThink101d ago

Last night my son had a sleepover with 3 of his friends. It was cool watching the 3 of them plus my younger one all playing fortnite together. 2 on Xbox's and 2 on switch. Reminded me of the halo lan party days shouting to your buddy from another room.

lxeasy101d ago

Oh that was a lot of fun I remember those days in college with friends lol

MuddyWaters101d ago

That's what it should be all about, having fun together.

ZeroX9876101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

16 tents with one xbox in each of them and an additional tent in the middle with a large 20 port switch in it.... Those were the days! :)

ILostMyMind101d ago

I've had this experience sometimes. That's great. My friends and I playing together in the same space ... all of us on PS4.

Skull521101d ago

Because I shouldn’t have to buy 4 copies of a game so I can play with all my friends. One should suffice.

Goldby101d ago


well where was your outrage when fortnite was originally released on xbox and didnt offer crossplay with ps4?

why all of a sudden is it an perceived issue

ImGumbyDammit101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


Microsoft wasn't blocking it from happening. Whatever happened originally with the cross-play capability that was on Fortnite. That is the difference. Sony is blocking cross-play period. Fortnite has the desire and ability to have full cross-play support with all it's supported platforms and it is the console manufacturer, Sony, that is blocking this from happening to other systems, not Fortnite, not Microsoft, not Switch, just Sony.

I personally don't care if Sony blocks it. In the end, games will leave Sony out of the cross-play equation completely. Developers opting to do cross-play will go the easiest route. Those that are all in will get it. Those that want to ban certain groups (e.g. other consoles) won't get any cross-play (no PS4 and PC, just none).

Skull521101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Do you guys really believe that for my goal of playing minecraft with all of my friends I should have to pay $300 for a PS4, $300 for a XB1, $300 for Switch, $500 for an entry level PC, and 4 copies of the game at $20 a pop?

$1480 to play minecraft with all my friends, that sounds reasonable to all you anti-crossplayers?

I won't single anyone out, but as a collective group you're all idiots.

No Way100d ago

Muddy - Can you imagine a world where there are 18 "GAMERS" who would disagree with having fun?

Not to mention the 67 "gamers" who would disagree with allowing "quick and easy access to online matches."

What a sad state gaming is in...

PoopsMcGee100d ago

The only way I would be okay with cross play becoming the standard is if it is isolated to private matches ONLY.

Sounds so warm, nice and cuddly for us all to hold hands and game together but, for me, cross play is another step towards the all-out demise of online multiplayer.

FinalFantasyFanatic100d ago

God, I miss Lan gaming, good times with friends, Xbox was also good fun when we all piled into someone's house to play Halo.

EeJLP-100d ago

Even playing field > crossplay. If it's a co-op game, ok.. But no I don't want crossplay on 'competitive' multiplayer. Let's play competitive basketball in real life, but my side of the court has a bigger hoop, shorter FT and 3pt line, I can move faster and dribble faster. I'm taller and can jump higher. Your side of the court has a crowd of people trying to distract you, but I turned foliage off so my side is silent and still. I can see my giant hoop very clearly. I'm excited for crossplay basketball, how bout you?

Gr8saiyaman88100d ago

Did you just get downvoted like crazy by all the Sony ponies here for proving the benefits of cross-play? xD

NecrumOddBoy100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

If MS was the #1 selling system, do you really think that they would be so cool with cross-play??

They caused the debacle of having to pay to play online, the soul starters of exclusive content and DLC purchasing, plus trying to implement DRM into gaming. They are not Pioneers they are just drowning business people who are grasping for any bit of relevance and survivability

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PoopsMcGee101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

...and it further ruins the integrity of console multiplayer by introducing another disparity between players in a match, splits the community for those not wanting to play with other consoles/PCs (thus, making it harder to find a match for some, ironically), causes network issues on one platform to become an issue with other platforms, etc, etc...

Cross play has its drawbacks - just nobody is mentioning them.

edit/ Oh, and, all of these are issues I've personally experienced with Rocket League PC/PS4 cross play. So don't say I'm pulling them out of my butt...

Obscure_Observer101d ago


Nobody said it have no issues. The truth is the positives overcomes the negatives by far!

ImGumbyDammit101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

@Snakeking33 Remember how bad the PSN was last generation. I do, along with tens of millions who had the information hacked of that poorly developed network. That was why Microsoft was weary of Sony, PSN was crap for security.

By the way, it wasn't Sony that wanted was cross-play it was a developer. You assume they did but, Sony for the previous gen never made a stand on cross-play between consoles. They were silent on the matter. Microsoft did make a stand that is true. But, people like you assume Sony, by its silence, was for cross-play but, they were not. Find me a story where Sony itself actually made a statement they wanted cross-play with Xbox last gen. I doubt you will find anything because they never said anything. The difference is this generation Sony bluffed, thinking Microsoft would again take the same stance as they did the last generation. By doing so, Sony would be the good guy without ever having to actually have to come out for or against cross-play. Similar to like they did last gen. Unfortunately for Sony Microsoft took the opposite stance this gen and now Sony has to actually make a real stance this gen. No more hiding in the shadows. And that stance has gone from 2016 "we are glad and will work towards this with Microsoft" PR BS. To being silent for the last year or two, hoping the matter will just go away. To now when confronted with developer after developer that are wanting cross-play. they are showing what they always have been, completely against cross-play.

To all those that downvote me please find a story from the last gen (2006-2013) that shows Sony actually said anything about wanting cross-play between the PS3 and Xbox 360. Not some revisionist opinion piece was written after 2013. Otherwise, you too are full of PR BS.

PoopsMcGee101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

@ Obscure

Not for me. I never have problems finding a match in the games I play.

Cross play is a very imperfect solution to a problem that I don't have.

eternalarsenal100d ago

@imgumbydammit sorry but there was crossplay last gen. final fantasy 11 had cross play with ps2 ps3 xbox 360 and pc. We all got a long just fine with out any issues. Notice how ff14 is out and there no xbox one version at all this time around. Ps4 and pc crossplay with 78 gsmes. Xboxing one has 34 ctossplay games.

No Way100d ago

You likely wouldn't have any idea that you are even in a cross-play match, though...

PoopsMcGee100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

@ No Way

Not true for Rocket League. You can tell quite easily who is on PC versus PS4 (anyone with PSY NET instead of a profile pic is PC). BTW, unless you find the option and turn off cross play, I'd say easily over 90% of the matches are cross play by default.

Anyway, the before mentioned issues still remain regardless of whether the player is aware or unaware of the situation...

FinalFantasyFanatic100d ago

I already mentioned the difference in specs several times before, that's why we don't have crossplay with games like Overwatch, although its a competitive E-sports game so that makes sense. But you could counter with the wide variety of specs between PC, although if you playing competitively you'd be buy the best parts you possibly could.

I don't really care either way to be honest, all my friends own PS4s, very few own Xboxs, a few own Switches but they're playing different games to everyone else. Would like to play with the small number of PC friends I have but again, we're generally playing different games.

Mr_Writer85100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Like Obscure said no one claimed it was perfect.

Also they're issues that can be resolved and fixed.

"splits the community for those not wanting to play with other consoles/PCs (thus, making it harder to find a match for some, ironically),"

How do you work that out? If EVERY game was CP then they'd have no choice but to adapt or only play exclusives multiplayer or no multiplayer at all.....

KillBill100d ago

Point being you can choose to play with other systems or not.

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NeoGamer232101d ago

Also, it provides gamers with more confidence to choose what platform they would prefer over the platforms that their friends buy.

RememberThe357101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Best argument I've heard so far. I had a group of friends that all bought Xbone because our one friend was getting an Xbone for his achievements and they wanted to be able to play FIFA and Duty together. Most of those guys wanted a PS4 but went with the platform their friend had.

dekke100d ago Show
No Way100d ago

@dekke - apparently you aren't paying attention. There are GAMERS (not fanboys) on the playstation side that wants it to happen, too. I for one, would love to be able to play with people on the xbox one and the ps4. I have a friend who only owns a PS4 - but yet I can't play with them. Because, why? It's definitely possible.

xX-oldboy-Xx100d ago

If my friends chose to play on an MS system, they're free to do so. I'll just find news friends within the online space.

Whoever 'follows' what other people do, needs to grow a pair and start making choices/decisions for themselves.

FinalFantasyFanatic100d ago

Most of my friends converted to PS4 early one, especially after the fiasco that was the Xbox reveal, pretty much all of us ended up on the same console and a few more converted after owning Xones for a while.

NeoGamer232100d ago

Some people have friends in real life that are gamers too. Very close friends and often they like to play games together. So, they typically have all ended up buying the same console because that is the only way they can still play together. With crossplay they can choose the console they prefer (and it may not be the same as their friends) and still play online together.

I still don't understand why give gamers choice is bad. A lot of people are arguing against it for absolutely no reason. Crossplay is good for gamers, bad for console vendors that want to dominate the industry. That is the only group that loses with crossplay, the vendors that want to dominate the industry and make it more difficult to switch console platforms if you are unhappy.

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101d ago
yeahright2101d ago

Seriously dude, enough with the kiddy insults.

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sanlee101d ago

tbh, the only reason I bought a ps4 is bcuz it's the only console with a healthy online population on fighting and football games, if they enable cross play on every game going on. i'il just sell my ps4 and never buy a console again. And i think they know that there are online communitites that are only available on the ps4

S2Killinit100d ago

because we are told to care about it by articles.

Wallow100d ago Show
cactus1230100d ago

i own a ps4 and have plenty of people to play with. i dont want to play with xbox or nintendo gamers.

trooper_100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

You weren't talking about unifying gamers last gen. Y'all were bragging about sales and trashing the PS3.

Turning a non issue into a pandemic.


Unless crossplay is a 'must' throughout the industry, then it holds little value.

Alucard_420100d ago

It doesn't unifie gamers, you still have to pick cross play match up, what happens if no one wants to cross play match up, are developers gonna force that on me??? I don't want to play PC players on shooters, secondly too many cheaters on PC.

n1kki6100d ago

Only on n4g where does a post get downvited 3 to 1 that 100% accurately represents why people want crossplay

sprinterboy100d ago

Unifies gamers? You mean getting hate speech from fanboys spouting out shit on there mics across other platforms. I think the party group is a safe bet of course but I only think it's good for some of the smaller games which have a smaller fan base ie I never once found a single player to play super sprint mp with on the ps3 never mind a 4 player race 😔

subtenko100d ago Show
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strayanalog101d ago

Better question: why not care?

Seriously, is there a problem with unifying an online front? The only difference anyone can say are exclusives it seems to me, and typically most online titles hit all systems anyway.
We may carry a different flag, but it doesn't mean we can't kill each other maturely while forging new friendships.

lxeasy101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


InTheLab101d ago ShowReplies(3)
PoopsMcGee101d ago

See my above post for some problems with unifying on an online front. I have issues with cross play myself and it has nothing to do with console warrior nonsense.

The Cons far outweigh the Pros for me.

But who am I anywho?

strayanalog100d ago

I see your point, and that's valid.

If the online front was unified more steps would definitely be taken to ensure better servers and less network issues, because it would be a combined effort. We're gamers, technology gets better all the time and we know this more than most - sure, it's walking not running - but it still moves forward. The unified effort is only certain developers on PC, Nintendo, and Microsoft right now, but with added help from Sony there could be huge strides in how we play online.
It's also possible that with enough time there may be some console fanboy walls brought down because then it won't matter what choice you made - or your friends - because you could still play together.
I don't believe cross-play should be forced, but it should be an option we all have since we're paying for online. Why not have another feature? The more the merrier comes to mind when I think about cross-play, and as I've said for many years: we're gamers, and the flag we carry shouldn't matter when we all are a part of the same club. After all, Xbox Live wasn't built in a day and it truly is time to "live in your world. Play in ours."

Lord_Sloth101d ago

I don't care because it's something I wouldn't really get any use out of. That said I wouldn't oppose it because it doesn't affect me.

ThanatosDMC101d ago

Or just buy PS4s. You support Sony and everybody is happy. You cant add people on Party Chat who are in a different console.

bigmalky101d ago

Yeah... Maturity from users between Xbox and PS4.

Are you new to forums?


My Buddy bought ARK on Steam after me, my GF and 3 other friends bought it on Xbox, I rented a server and allowed "Cross Play" option for Windows Gaming, I told him about it and he got refunded through steam since he didn't play at all yet and bought it for Windows and no we all can play! That alone made me appreciate cross play!

JackBNimble100d ago

Did you know I can play ark on ps4 with people on pc? Just putting that out there.

No Way100d ago Show
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kevnb101d ago

Other than system war type forums nobody even talks about it.

Shiken101d ago

Funny thing is, it does notjing to the X(2). If Sony still says no, X(2) will have no one to cross play with. The Switch struggles with current gen multiplats, so next gen is out. At that point Nintendo is no longer a factor in cross play.

So either both the PS5 and MS have it next gen, or no one does. Both already do PC and mobile, so either way MS will have nothing to offer without a another console to cross play with.

ThatOneRiggaNob101d ago

The Switch only truly needs to offer it for the smaller games that they do get in terms of power like fortnite or the new pokemon like game that's coming out. We all understand that Switch can't handle all of the current gen multiplats but the shared titles that have some type of mp could still be a plus.

subtenko100d ago

lol that would be something

Gardenia100d ago

Exactly. Who is "we" anyway? Most really don't care, including myself

SolidGamerX101d ago ShowReplies(4)
Skankinruby101d ago

'We' don't actually care that much, at all. It's a pointless feature, and it's clear as day why Microsoft is pushing the agenda for sony to get on board. If people are teetering on a console choice they wanna eliminate the 'well all my friends play ps4 so I guess I'll just go with that' mentality and make xbox a valid choice in spite of that. But ultimately it makes absolutely no difference in online play at all.

yeahright2101d ago

That's what it boils down to right there. "we don't trust sony's network", "we can't do it because of the kids.", both BS excuses. It boils down to the top dog not wanting you to buy the competition's product.

subtenko100d ago

No its Sony who doesnt trust Microsoft....thats the thing. RIghtfully so too

Tobse101d ago

Its pointless? Looks like Gaming isnt something you care about. This would be a gamechanger for indie devs. They dont have to shut down servers for games that arent well populated on each platform. Getting all gamers together would be better for every game

AspiringProGenji101d ago

Then tell indie devs to make SP games if they can’t sustain themselves with MP games. Or, how about make a good MP game and not an OW or fortnite clone? Rocket League devs did something original and they succeeded. Cross play won’t save a bad or knock off game

Goldby101d ago

"They dont have to shut down servers for games that arent well populated on each platform."

instead they keep the servers open for just a little bit longer before closing them down.

crossplay wont save a bad game, and if a game cant gain and retain players, no amounts of crossplay will save that.

case and point, would lawbreakers still be around if it were crossplay... nope. neither would radical heights or probably the culling 2

Tobse101d ago

You guy act like only a Handfull of devs suffer from this. Its a big Problem and its sad most are forced to make sp games. Most games have a Hardcore fanbase that sticks with it, now add this fanbase from all 4 platforms and you have a healthy playerbase again

SuperSaiyanGod41100d ago


And name me how many games are crossplay with Xbox and switch? I bet u can't name more than 10 out of 10,000 third party games out there. So again why is it so important again? Now when u can crossplay with almost every multiplatform game then u will have a valid argument but right now it's not that big a deal.

Rachel_Alucard100d ago


That's purely speculative, LB on PC alone had less then 10 players, so by your logic adding another platform would suddenly bring it up to healthy numbers? Cross-play, F2P, and cheap prices won't suddenly give bad games healthy numbers.

Just look at Mirage on PC. It was doing so poorly they gave it away for free for a day and permanently its price heavily and it still died at less then 100 players. Same with Evolve, Deformers, etc. Bad games do not keep player retention just because it's there.

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No Way100d ago

How in the WORLD is it pointless? Why is it clear as day? Enlighten me, why don't you? Not everyone can afford both systems. Allowing more people to play one game is better for EVERYONE. Hell, you could even say that players on PS4 would benefit more than xbox one players.

Seeing as PS4 has so many more exclusives - if you are playing Call of Duty with 5 million players and then God of War releases and now you're playing with 3 players. Good luck.

trooper_100d ago

It's pointless because it's not widely requested.

What part of this do you not understand?

SilentSolid100d ago

Cross play is always a positive thing as long as non of the platform has a huge advantage. + it helps small games with their player base.

It's time for you to swallow your pride.

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