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Is VR Dying a Slow Death?

Virtual reality tech feels so new, but it's already dying. Will this mark the end before it's even begun?

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Community1286d ago
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Vasto1286d ago

The writing was on the wall for this one.

threefootwang1286d ago

No surprise here. It's like 3D glasses for TV and we all know where that went.

Significantly over priced.
Lack of content.
Lack of support from big developers.

Been saying it for ages.

Kokyu1286d ago

Um you can still buy 3d tvs and almost all of them convert 2d to 3d so its not gone as you suggest its just not being made a big deal about it.

kevnb1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

its not that its over priced, its that nobody wants to sit there with a helmet on. I mean sure people all want to try it, but long term use is just not a thing. Same reason 3d movies still play in the theater.

kevnb1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

@Kokyu nobody makes 3d tvs anymore and havent since the end of 2016. You might be able to find one somewhere, but its old stock.

airshiraz1285d ago

can u walk in 3d tv like u walk in vr enviornment?can u be with ur frinds in 3d as u go into vr with ur friens.also 3d porn was shit.come 3d was just a start for vr and was succesfull for a start

Kyizen1285d ago

Lack of content? Now I know you have no clue what you are talking about...

ZeroX98761285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'm enjoying mine a lot! (PSVR)

but let's be real, price has to be lower, there's a need for more triple A games, console hardware right now can do it (But barely) and as long as it's not wireless, people will complain.

Make it wireless, 1080p in BOTH eyes (or 4K, one can dream!), 90 fps steady in both eyes and better tracking tech, hell VR would be in a very different state right now.

Time will be beneficial in the overall quality of experience. One major thing that many hasn't experienced yet, I watched a live soccer game (BBC) and let me tell you that NOTHING comes close to the experience of being the camera behind the goalie than VR! (except to be the actual goalkeeper)

Bring this to music live concerts, other live sports/events and you got one great market right there!.
VR is more than just gaming.

Skull5211285d ago

It is cool tech, it just isn’t ready for prime time. This time around they just released a lot of the hardware out into the public sphere which is great to get a lot of feedback so the tech can be improved.

UnHoly_One1285d ago

I said it when this was all starting. I said it’s a gimmick that a bunch of people will want to check out, but it will not last because nobody wants to play with a heavy device on their head that cuts them off from the outside world.

Also I said that there were going to be limits of what kinds of games you could really play in VR, without “teleport movement” or being on rails or whatever other cockamamie crap they come up with to make the game playable.

Going by the up and down votes it looks like half the community is still in deniable about it, too.

rainslacker1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Almost every mid-range and up 4K TV can do passive 3D. The glasses for that are pretty cheap as well.

There isn't much movie content for it anymore, but it still is available with movies that get made in that format.

As far as game content goes, there is tons of content. Sony even started a VR specific studio. There are some major studios adding in or porting big games to VR. Capcom with RE, and the more recent Skyrim VR. There isn't any specific AAA games made for it yet, but that's because the user base isn't there to support it yet. The lower install base however doesn't mean that there isn't one, or that they wouldn't be willing to buy into a big game, just that the numbers don't support it yet.

Sony is still supporting it, and it's still viable on the PC platform, although that's kind of a mixed bag of competing API's at the moment.

It has a ways to go yet, but that doesn't mean that it's dying.


I can't speak for the PC versions of VR, since I've only used them briefly, but I wouldn't say that PSVR is heavy. I will say that it's not as simple as just putting in a game and playing, which does sometimes keep me from playing it, but it's not like I'm against playing in VR when I feel like it.

However, I will agree that for the time being, the experiences that work best with it are limited. One dev said that games that you have to sit down in are best. And I would agree. I can't wait for a full on racing sim with VR. The limited VR in GT:S made me a believer, because it really makes it feel like you are driving, and gives you a positional awareness that you just don't have from a flat screen. One that actually lets you feel where the car is, and how you need to steer. Its a lot different from just learning where you need to turn based on learning the track. I'm looking forward to the new Ace Combat too.

Knushwood Butt1285d ago

Yet most major movies still release with a 3D option at theatres.

FinalFantasyFanatic1285d ago

Most of my experiences with VR has been mediocre to kinda crappy, we still don't have any compelling or killer apps for it, the headset isn't as comfortable, but I'd argue it's a cheap way to get into VR (I wish it was more accommodating for those of us with glasses). As far as the market for it goes, I'd say it's pretty stagnant because developers don't know how to make good use of it yet, I could see it going either way, although I'm pretty confident it came out a few years earlier than it should have. I look at VR similar to 4k, it'll take a long time for the mainstream to adopt it, I'm waiting for better hardware/software to actually impress me.

As for 3D, does anyone even use it on TVs? It's rare to come across it today and it never really took off.

killswitch801285d ago

well I hope you remember how dumb you sounded on this day again...its obvious to tech giants that VR is the future. We are probably 1 or 2 generations away from VR being main stream.

bouzebbal1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

3D glasses imo are far better than VR.
at least the whole family can experience it at the same time, and lots of movies are available in 3D.
God of War, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, WipEout HD, Motorstorm 2 and 3 and many others are really good in 3D.

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fr0sty1286d ago

"Crap, there are tons of new VR games being announced, new VR devices are still releasing, we need to figure out a way we can try to say it is dying that won't fly in the face of reality... I got it!!! VR is dying a SLOOOOW death... That'll work!"

MuddyWaters1286d ago

VR isn't dying but it is also not really growing. Until mainstream developers jump onboard with aaa support it will continue to be aimed at enthusiasts much like driving wheels.

StormSnooper1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Exactly. It’s like, well, we were wrong, it’s still here, so what can we say? How about something non-committal like “is it dying a slow death?” No stupid, it’s only going to get better as technology gets stronger.

I think those companies that invested in VR and gained the experience of working with it from its inception, will reap the reward of that experience when it really takes off. Any goat who puts a headset on would immidiately see the immense potential of VR. Next step is to make the headset less intrusive and smaller/lighter.

kevnb1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Tons of vr games? new vr devices? There is really barely any of each, and i think its more a few companies that dont want to acknowledge the lack of interest. I mean sony was already closing down vr focused studios last year and this year we have very deep discounts on the hardware, this is just like other products they quietly stopped supporting. Ive done my best to warn people about this, hopefully you all feel you got your moneys worth.

whothedog1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )


Valve has talked on numerous occasions that they are developing 3 full games for vr, you have lots of games that let you play in vr like RE7, skyrim, doom, fallout, from software showed a small snippet of a psvr game. For a system that is new I wouldn't expect a flood of games to come out cause they would all be shit cause they would be rushed. Valve is also making new controllers for the Vive and I think that is supposed to come out soon but I don't think they would continue making them if they were losing money. Good games out there right now too, it would be cool if was more but I believe things take time.

FinalFantasyFanatic1285d ago

I think the word we're looking for is stagnant, VR is definitely a stagnant market at the moment, it's cool but still not ready for the mainstream.

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cleft51285d ago

VR isnt dying, its still far too early. If anything I am surprised this initial wave has had so much success. Right now we just have a taste of what VR can be, but when the technology becomes much more powerful and cheaper than we will see what VR is truly about.

1285d ago
rainslacker1285d ago

I think people that expected $40-50 million dollar games to be made for it, with an install base of less than 10 million, were really setting their expectations too high. Smaller games, or bigger games ported for VR support was the only way it was really going to go. Even motion control games last gen didn't get exclusive $40-50 million dollar budget games, but it doesn't mean that all of those games were worthless.

VR is about where it would be right now, and I too agree that it's kind of surprising that its done so well given VR's tumultuous history in the market.

Godmars2901285d ago

What games have sold 10 million on a console with an 80 million user base?

It says more that devs and publishers are driving up cost while trying to figure out how to "earn" the most profit while cutting corners, often put more into marketing, rather than simply offer games. Give consumers their money's worth in terms of entertainment. Make a game that sells a million something to be proud of, instead of needing one to sell 4 million just to break even. Never mind 10 million which only the most popular of franchises ever manage to touch.

shinoff21831285d ago

I agree. I only have ps vr and there are a ton of titles out and still coming. Skyrim and red are the biggest on psvr . What I'm hopi g is for Capcom to vr re2 remake, that would be absolutely amazing. I'd Also Be Down For fallout 4 On VR Still on psvr. Either way vr is definitely not dying. The naysayers I would guess just don't have one simple as that

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super_bruno1285d ago

Is VR Dying a Slow Death?

- YES -

1285d ago
jukins1285d ago

guess thats why every major vr developer has invested billions into next generation headsets and lenses. You could say its slowed down because it has. just like other major hardware after the launch sales usually never reach that level again.

Bahamut1285d ago

Not really. VR isn't going away. It's going to continue to improve, regardless of support. This is simply due to technology improving, as it does, VR will get easier to enhance, cheaper to manufacture, and will slowly draw in more and more people. Some of you might not like it, and that's fine, but others do, and enough to keep it on its feet. VR will be fine.

WilliamSheridan1285d ago

VR isn't dying a slow deathdeath. It's actually already dead. It's not ready for home use. Maybe try again in ten years, but honestly no one will ever have enough space for it to truly shine

shinoff21831285d ago

Mine plays just fine. I've played games on it and didn't really have to move.

mcstorm1285d ago

Yep I called this one a long time ago. Psvr Was the one that had the chance to bring it to the masses but failed.
Yes it's the best selling vr but that's like saying the xbox one x is sell better than the ps4pro as on the grand skeam of things sales are not amazing. With Microsoft and Nintendo also not pushing vr, this shows where the tech is at. 4k seem to be the way the industry wants to move. Vr has also dropped on the mobile side to with the big players not really offering anything new or bundling products as vr.

I think by next gen this will be tech that is not supported and big ps names like gts, vow, tlof don't seem to have much if any vr support.

shinoff21831285d ago

It's still fairly new to playstation. I got mine back in March after I had surgergy which left me on the couch for 2 months. I enjoyed the hell out of it. A couple people I let try it bought also. I know it might not be for everybody but that Disn't mean it's dead. There's so much coming out for vr still, that if some of you would actually bother to look into it might change what your saying. In all honesty it probably wouldn't because it wouldn't fit your narrative.

mcstorm1285d ago

I'm not saying that vr is no good it's far from it. But it won't grab the masses for 3 reasons. 1 it's price adding an extra £300 on top of a console is not what the masses want. Part of the reason why kinect sold more than move is you paid £110 for 1 device that did not need any more where move you needed to buy 3 devices for 1 person to use it and then another 2 for each player you wanted to add.

The 2nd is software. Again games like fifa, cod, gta and more have not done anything with vr and until the big names do people would give it a thought.

The 3rd is people don't want to put something on there head to play games they want to chill on a bed, chair, sofa ext.

Vr is amazing for somethings one is racing games but not pushed enough in this imo.

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hench071286d ago

You can't die when you never lived

Elda1286d ago

Words from the wise & to live by.

1285d ago Replies(5)
1285d ago
annoyedgamer1286d ago

So because htc is doing badly that means VR is failing? htc has been making bumbling business decisions for years, VR has very little to do with their current crisis.

Silly gameAr1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

This is one of those FUD pecies to pull in trolls like hench and vasto. Like them, you can't take any of these opinion peices seriously, especially if it's coming from a site like dispatches.cheatcc. It's like a tabloid site, but for gaming. Nothing but toxic trash comes from there.

Also, notice the type of people who approve articles like this.

Kribwalker1286d ago

how about eurogamer?

add that to the lack of VR being showcased at E3 this year and it spells trouble for this tech

uth111286d ago


There's a difference between "growing slower than hoped" and "dying". VR hasn't found its killer app yet that pushes sales. It is also hard to demo these things. with VR, seeing is believing

gangsta_red1286d ago

Growing slower than hoped is PR talk for "not doing well at all".

"VR hasn't found its killer app yet that pushes sales"

And after how many years being on the market? That sounds like a slow death to me.

Even if it's hard to demo there's still word of mouth and reviews that hype and get users excited for any of the devices on the market.

But there just hasn't been in the many years it's been out and definitely not enough to get people to must own one.

StormSnooper1286d ago

Watch VR take over as it advances. I’ll be laughing so hard.

uth111286d ago

@gangsta VR has only been on the market 2 years or less.

to compare, the Atari 2600 was on the market 3 years before it found its killer app in Space Invaders. but the real killer app, "pac man" came even later.

it took videogames 30 years or more to get what we recognize as AAA titles. yet somehow games grew and became popular without them. yet we are told without AAA titles, VR has no chance.

nonsense. VR like all new tech needs time to grow and blossom.

kevnb1286d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

nice straw man arguments, the vr market is already clearly declining and not growing. its not going to get a killer app, and most importnatly people dont want to do any kind of long term gaming with a headset on. This is what killed 3d tvs, people dont want to have to mess around with the glasses unless its a one off viewing at a theater. How do you think these same people feel about a damn helmet?

1285d ago
rainslacker1285d ago


"And after how many years being on the market? That sounds like a slow death to me."

Funny..that argument about how many years on the market sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?

X1 hasn't found it's killer app yet either. Not a single system selling game all gen. Yet all we hear is wait for E3, or it takes time to make such things and they can't be done with the snap of a finger.

It takes time to build a user base. The install base of VR while bigger than I would have expected given the history of VR, isn't big enough to support $40-50 million dollar games. It would mean that half the install base across multiple platforms would have to buy the game to make it successful. That just isn't feasible, and it'd be dumb of publishers to ignore the larger install base of the systems just to support VR. Publishers don't have to make that happen, it's not their thing.

But there are some pubs who are supporting VR with VR implementations within their games. RE and Skyrim are considered great examples of how VR can enhance a game. That's probably all we'll get for a while outside the smaller games, but some of those smaller games are also great experiences.

In short....lack of major AAA support right now is not the death knoll for VR. The systems are still selling, and there are tons of games for it. If people were expecting more this early, then they deluded themselves.

Hardiman1285d ago

To all those claiming it's been on the market for years, it's only been two or three years! You must've missed the last thirty or so years because the gaming industry hasn't always been what it is today! These things take time and since most, not all but most of the ones who always attack VR are partial to a particular company without a VR device I find their "concerns" very suspicious!

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uth111286d ago

there is also too much VR/MR hardware on the market especially in the PC space. there is bound to be a shakeout. HTC has the most expensive products so they are the most vulnerable

rainslacker1285d ago

Yep. There are going to be failures in the market as so many companies try to forge a foothold in a market. But the fact that so many companies are throwing their hats in the ring means that the technology is viable. All that is needed is for the market to be there, and eventually, 2-3 companies will pretty much reign supreme.

PC has some competing API's which is slowing down software adoptions, and the closed market systems there aren't as appealing. Right now, Sony is the only console VR, and they are doing pretty well because it's a structured system that works as well as their normal licensing system, and the market there is eager for new experiences. Mobile I feel is more a gimmick, because it's a bit counter-intuitive, and the hardware makes it more limited. I feel AR is going to be more viable in the future for that.

We're in a time where VR is figuring out where it's going to go, but it isn't dying. It'd be dying if these companies just stopped trying. It'd be dying if devs stopped making games for it. But as it is, more devs are making VR games, or at least giving VR support to games.

It's a slow burn to light the fire, which isn't the same as a slow death.

kevnb1286d ago

all vr is doing badly and soon wont be carried at retail at all.

Mr_Writer851285d ago

Do you have a link to that please?

kevnb1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

why would I need a link? Its easy enough just to go look at retail yourself. The numbers all back it up as well. Believe me if someone was doing well their pr team would be cheering them on like crazy by now.

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gangsta_red1286d ago

As much as this was exciting and still has potential to be, unfortunately the actual software didn't live up to the excitement.

Throughout the years since VR has been out the only game I have heard constantly being raved is RE 7. A game you don't need VR to play.

VR needs/needed more must have titles that could only be experienced in VR.

As of now it's still a novelty, a party gimmick or something you pay for at Dave and Buster's. There's no real reason to pay 400 and up for and own.

Servbot411286d ago

The software can't live up to it because the hardware won't be there for ages (in the tech industry) and it will always be prohibitively expensive. Hardware manufacturers are better off focusing on neural link instead of chasing something that eventually will require a treadmill in every home to function properly.

annoyedgamer1286d ago

nsural link? This isnt fantasy, we have no way to interface with the brain, let alone manipulate its processes.

Lon3wolf1286d ago


"This isnt fantasy, we have no way to interface with the brain, let alone manipulate its processes."


uth111286d ago

@annoyedgamer- i wouldn't even want such a thing. (neural link) the potential for misuse is frightening

StormSnooper1286d ago

Yeah, Let’s forget about the technology that’s here, and focus on one that doesn’t exist yet... am I missing something?

shinoff21831285d ago

Your thinking to hard about it.

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Ricegum1286d ago

Gangsta red

No offence buddy, but I don't think you should be commenting on something you haven't tried. Let's be honest, you don't want VR to take off because Microsoft aren't supporting it and it'd be like a "win" for you.

As a Vive owner I can say for sure the software definitely lives up to it. Project Cars, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Arizona Sunshine, Superhot, Subnautica, Beat Saber, Windlands Golf. All of these games are must own for VR users.

"As of now it's still a novelty, a party gimmick or something you pay for at Dave and Buster's. There's no real reason to pay 400 and up for and own."

This is the way I feel about the Xbox One X.

gangsta_red1286d ago

" don't want VR to take off because Microsoft aren't supporting it and it'd be like a "win" for you."

Yeah, that's exactly why I don't want it to take off. Sorry Unreal, I know your whole comic relief account here is going around and banging on anyone'd door and screaming Xbox fanboy at them but I could care less about MS supporting VR especially when VR is also available for PC.

"As a Vive owner I can say for sure the software definitely lives up to it."

I am sure there are great experiences to be played in VR but none of them are necessary and more than half the games you mentioned can be played through normal means with out the added gimmick of a metal TV strapped to your face. That's pretty much the point and listing of a bunch of games isn't going to change my opinion or the fact that VR isn't doing as well as these guys who entered the market expected.

Great list though, I always appreciate people who croon off lists for no reason.

"This is the way I feel about the Xbox One X."

Agreed, which is why I don't own one, a PSPro or a high end magical PC.

SierraGuy1285d ago

Clearly hasn't played Wipeout on PS.

Hardiman1285d ago

That's why I don't take them seriously! Most, not all but most of the ones on here who always throw shade at VR are the ones who favor M$! I just got a feeling if M$ was pushing it they'd be more enthusiastic about VR!

Which is sad because it's viable tech and could lead to some serious breakthroughs and amazing experiences! Seems to me the more advances made in gaming the better!

shinoff21831285d ago

Hell ms didnt want to support Blu Ray either.