Dying Light 2 Weapons Are Rooted In “Modern Dark Ages”, Playtime Will Vary From Player To Player

You'll get plenty of bang for your buck, according to the devs.

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gangsta_red102d ago

I'm glad they're bringing 4 player co op back to Dying Light 2. Loved playing with friends when the first one came out.

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Nacho_Z101d ago

Not really sure what they mean by this exactly but a zombie game set in medieval times could be cool.

Nacho_Z101d ago

Hadn't heard of that before you mentioned it but yeah that's pretty much bang on what I was picturing. Not sure if it'll ever be released though but I don't think that's because the concept isn't sound.

Cajun Chicken101d ago

I am excited for this. BUT. I kind of liked the modern setting of the first one and would had liked to see that in a more open scale city such as New York or something. I know it's a zombie apocalypse, but I don't want it dark and dirty and Dying Light just had that right feel of a resort and urban environment fallen into madness which was a brilliant clash and could be considered a spiritual successor to Dead Island. What I don't want is a city like in Dishonored with zombies.
I can only hope that this franchise tackles different directions and locations like the Far Cry series from now.