A new The Witcher game could be in the works, but it won’t be called The Witcher 4

So far, The Witcher series has sold over 33 million copies for CD Projekt Red, and the company has “an appetite for more”.

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RememberThe3571415d ago

A Ciri spin-off seems more and more likely. Make me wonder how far along Cyberpunk 2077 actually is, or if they've started a new team?


That would be awesome! If so, it would be cool to see her visit the City of Cyberpunk since she talks about visiting there in TW3

fluxmulder1415d ago

I think it's a Ciri spinoff.

Brave_Losers_Unite1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Not sure, it could be anything

XbladeTeddy1415d ago

As long as it's in the Witcher universe I'm cool with it. Ciri will obviously star and maybe have a dog companion just because. The dog will probably be black. A staffie type dog.

Lon3wolf1415d ago

And this dog would be named Grrrrralt? I'll get my coat.

Shiken1415d ago

I would be open to a new story set in the Witcher universe. There is enough lore that the possibilities are endless, even if it is a character we have never even seen before.

bluefox7551415d ago

A lot of Geralt haters in the comments, I think he's a great character.

arkard1415d ago

I dont think anyone hates Geralt. but to think a Witcher game couldn't be good or do well without him is rediculous.

Der_Kommandant1415d ago

I just want a younger Vesemir spinoff!

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The story is too old to be commented.